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5 Best J-Hooks For Squat Racks in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

It’s compulsory to have another look at J-hooks of your power rack before plunging in with loaded barbells. Chances are they’re not sturdy and stable enough to support the maximum rated weight.

The best J hooks for squat racks will put an end to all wobbles and clanks during reps. They look after your platform and precious Olympic barbell while you’re busy leveling up your strength.

J-Hooks Squat Racks

Top 5 Best J Hooks For Squat Racks Reviewed

  1. Rogue Monster J-Cup Pairs – Top Pick
  2. Yes4All Alloy Steel 2×2 J-Hooks – Runner-up
  3. Eleiko Prestera J-Cup with Rollers – Premium Pick
  4. Ghost Roller J-Cups 2.0
  5. Fitness Reality Steel J-Hooks
for Money
Monster J-Cup68101091010109
Yes4All J-Hook678.59.5910101010
Prestera J-Cup67101010101098
Ghost Roller J-Cups 2.066109.510109.598
Fitness Reality J-Hooks648.598.58.59.51010

1.Rogue Monster J-Cups

Rogue Monster J-Cups
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Standard, Sandwich 
  • Height (in): 7.75, 10
  • Width (in): 3, 1.5/2
  • Pin Dia (in): 1
  • Weight (lb): 15-20
  • Rating (lb): 1000+

Rogue produces a versatile set of J-hooks to be used with its Monster racks. They’re pricey but not overpriced, given the safety features and quality control.

The rackable depth has been reduced to 2.5” for hassle-free operation. The squat rack hooks are laser-cut, precision-bent, and lined with UHMW plastic on the face and back. So, don’t worry about ruining the bar’s knurling. This plastic layer also dampens the noise.

However, the cup’s front lip is unpadded. So, you might still be scraping your bar when unracking from this area.

The sandwich style rules out this problem by bolting plastic between two steel plates. No matter where the bar hits, it rolls down to the rearmost corner. Welds are inside, and edges are recessed. You get two variants of 1.5” and 2” width. 

Both feature a slimmer profile and more wiggle room than standard cups. This simple switch increases product weight, length, and price.

Experts prefer the base model for bench presses because they’re shorter, leaving space for safety pins underneath. You don’t have to grind your way uphill as with protruded lips. Upgrading to reverse-sloped sandwiches will be helpful for squats.


Rogue produces a versatile set of J-hooks to be used with its Monster racks. They’re pricey but not overpriced, given the safety features and quality control.

Weight Capacity:0
Bar Control:0


  • Tough construction, built to last
  • Back padding to protect uprights
  • Quick adjustment with lock-in pin
  • Compatible with all 3x3 platforms
  • Variety of options

Could be better:

  • Price shots up twofold between variants

2. Yes4All Alloy Steel 2x2 J Hooks

Yes4All Alloy Steel 2x2 J Hooks
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Standard
  • Height (in): 8
  • Width (in): 2
  • Pin Dia (in): 1
  • Weight (lb): 6.48
  • Rating (lb): 1000

Yes4All has excelled in gym equipment over the years, and now it's giving optimal quality at the lowest rates. Look no further if you're seeking the best J-hooks for a squat rack with 2”-wide uprights!

These hooks are made with 11-gauge steel and 8mm plastic inserts, perfect for your power cage.

It has 2” tubing. The backplate, hook, and gusset are solid. You can rarely notice rough edges. But they shouldn’t come as a surprise. The cup is not too deep at 2.5”. There are stainless steel fasteners in the center. Watch out for them if the finish of barbells matters for you. 

The protective material is a hard polymer, not UHMW plastic. It won't wear off quickly, although grinding the bar too often may take a toll. These minor issues are truly dwarfed once viewed against the price. 

A pair can withstand up to a 1000-lbs heavy drop. The hook becomes prone to lateral movement at reaching this limit. And centering becomes onerous. That is where accompanied knobs lend a helping hand. They are quick to lock in and out, thus not disrupting your workout plan.


Yes4All has excelled in gym equipment over the years, and now it's giving optimal quality at the lowest rates.

Weight Capacity:0
Bar Control:0


  • Easy to assemble
  • Corrosion-resistant paint
  • Triangular gusset for added strength
  • A thick plastic mat is spread on the floor
  • Unbeatable quality-to-price ratio

Could be better:

  • Susceptible to lack of conformity, but returnable

3. Eleiko Prestera J-Cups with Rollers

Eleiko Prestera J-Cups with Rollers
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Roller
  • Height (in): 9.8
  • Width (in): 2.8
  • Pin Dia (in): 0.629
  • Weight (lb): 11.02
  • Rating (lb): 2000+

The Swedish brand sets a gold standard for strength training equipment. Eleiko's colorful bumper plates have accented its world-class rigs and hooks from Olympic venues to garage gyms!

There are only two things to consider when buying power rack J hooks: steady load bearing and gear protection. These roller J cups have that all. Price comes last, and these cost a considerable amount. If you’re not the one to skimp on crucial details, then jump on it! 

They are exclusively designed for the Prestera Series. You might face difficulty attaching them to 3x3 rigs, such as Rogue Monster. The locking pin is also smaller than an inch. 

Individual hooks are rated for 1102 lbs. The manufacturer first experimented with sliding hooks but took them down shortly after. Now, they sell a typical pin-locking mechanism with 10mm hardened steel, powder coat finish, and plenty of plastic all-around.  

Polyurethane rollers are soft on knurling. And repositioning barbells has never been easier. You can replace these rollers should they wear out. An unlined metal piece reinforces the base. The chances of a direct strike are very slim when benching or squatting.


Eleiko's colorful bumper plates have accented its world-class rigs and hooks from Olympic venues to garage gyms!

Weight Capacity:0
Bar Control:0


  • Ultimate protection of bar knurling
  • Effortless positioning adjustments
  • Durable steel and a hard finish
  • Clear-cut instructions in the user manual
  • 10-year warranty on frame and welds

Could be better:

  • All components of Prestera have odd sizing

4. Rogue Ghost Roller J-CUP 2.0

Ghost Roller J-CUP 2.0
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Custom
  • Style: Roller
  • Height (in): 10.6
  • Width (in) 2.8
  • Pin Dia (in): 0.625
  • Weight (lb): 22
  • Rating (lb): 1000+

The iconic roller J cup, partnered by Rogue and Ghost Strong, has returned with a bang. All the issues with the former edition – ranging from bulged bolts to low-quality stickers – have been resolved at no extra cost.

The best thing about these 3x3 J hooks is the available customization. You can beef up the mounting pin to 1”. Choose any color scheme, and Ghost will deliver it to you. For functional enhancement, composite rollers are replaceable by SiC-coated carbon steel.

However, a standard roller is ideal for a home setting. Its conical shape ensures that the barbell rests in the right position. Premium versions last forever but come aggressive on power bars.

You’ll appreciate laser-cut and machined built with Ghost’s fierce logo. The first release was scraping the paint of uprights. The inner walls of this attachment are now UHMW-lined. The pin has also moved up. Together, they reduce the clearance. 

All in all, these aesthetic J hooks for power racks resist swinging sideways under pressure.

Some people love sandwich hooks. Consider Ghost if you’re the roller guy. The base price has been reasonable since the end of pandemic-induced inflation. However, little upgrades are overkill.


The iconic roller J cup, partnered by Rogue and Ghost Strong, has returned with a bang.

Weight Capacity:0
Bar Control:0


  • Heavy-duty 3/8” machined steel
  • Recessed bolts for smooth touch
  • The patented design of rollers
  • Stainless pin with a medium gloss finish
  • One of the versatile and best J hooks for squat racks

Could be better:

  • Expensive add-ons restricting universal compatibility

5. Fitness Reality Steel J-Hooks

Fitness Reality Steel J-Hooks
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black/Chrome
  • Style: Standard
  • Height (in): 4.8
  • Width (in): 2
  • Pin Dia (in): 1
  • Weight (lb): 3.84
  • Rating (lb): 800

Not everyone spends a couple of hundred dollars on any small accessory. Fitness Reality offers these rugged barbell hooks while realizing these constraints.

There is no left and right orientation. These low-cost J cups for squat racks go with every 2x2 uprights. Installing and transitioning them along the post is a breeze. They do what they’re supposed to, making them a decent choice – no drama!

Slide in pins, shut ‘em close, and sweat it out.

Carved with 2/4" one-form steel, it has a groove-welded mounting pin, a small cup, and a triangular gusset. Front lips are flattened for free movements. A set of two can take up 800 max weight. It jiggles sometimes but clasps quite powerfully.  

There is always room for improvement. A hook should be more than 5” tall. No matter how attentively you rerack, metal-on-metal contact is unavoidable otherwise. Talk about padding, and we see rubber. You can’t simply adjust the loaded bar's position with such J hooks for weight bench.

A slight increment in the backplate and padding will be a nice touch. Doing so might bring up these specimens in the price range of Yes4All.


Fitness Reality offers these rugged barbell hooks while realizing these constraints.

Weight Capacity:0
Bar Control:0


  • Easy to set up, no tools required
  • Sturdy triangular support
  • Sound-dampening rubber pad
  • A low-profile opening
  • Universal application as a 2x2 J-hook
  • Affordable Price

Could be better:

  • The vertical section needs revamping for safety
  • Lower Weight Capacity


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What Are Power Rack J Hooks?

J-hooks/J-Cups are metal attachments to a power cage. They slot in the uprights’ holes as a resting point for barbells. Meanwhile, these barbell hooks work as a spotter while you do overhead presses, deadlifts, snatch balances, or other exercises.   

Old-school lifters were familiar with pegs sticking out. Repeated steel-on-steel contact due to pounding-in of the knurling was disastrous. Hence, the current age of squat rack hooks was ushered in!

Athlete with Barbell on J Hooks

1. Standard

Pin designs became obsolete after J-shaped, C-channel steel brackets. They screw into uprights and cover them side-to-side. A larger backplate lets your bar crawl down the post without shaving off its knurling. 

The majority have a pin-locked and flip-down design. It is adjustable and convenient. Some exclusive companies produce sliding J-hooks. 

Tips From the Champ

Each brand categorizes its products under different names. However, they all fall into one of the following three types.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

2. Sandwich

Regular pieces like Rogue Standard models have one major downside. The padding on the cup doesn’t stretch to the front lip. It still leaves space for annoying clangs and bangs.

The latest hooks come as a sandwich, raising protective pads above steel plates. This way bars only slam the safe area. It's a big-ticket upgrade. Only snobs of equipment’s glossy finish consider them.   

3. Roller

Padding on J-cups for squat racks chips off over time. It happens because of the grinding when you recenter. Fitting rollers in the middle ended this problem. The barbell moves sideways like a breeze. However, a roller J-cup should be sturdy enough not to swing itself.

This spinning hardware is made of delicate materials like PU, nylon, or carbon. Eleiko has nailed the concept with Prestera; justifiably, it charges the premium.

What To Look For In A Pair Of J Hooks?

Squat rack hooks are a tiny but consequential part when it comes to weightlifting experience. There are three things to consider when buying them separately.

Barbell with J-hooks

1. Sizing

Hooks should completely fit your rack. So, take measurements of tubing as well as holes of the uprights. 

Imperial power cages are compatible with 3x3 J hooks. The best budget squat racks may also have 2x2 sizing. Shopping for medium sizes like Prestera (2.8") is a real brain teaser.

2. Padding

Once you've shortlisted a bunch of candidates, ensure the final pick's backplate and cup have ample padding in and out.

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic liners make the cutting-edge solution to all sounds and scratches. It’s a strong material. Some manufacturers opt for friction-retaining rubber instead.

3. Rating

See the load rating. And acquire the double weight capacity you usually lift. As the limit inches close, even the best J-hooks for a squat rack will jiggle. Having a misfit will exacerbate the scene.

The flip-down design has good clasp strength. Yes4All and other brands include a tightening knob for security. However, its absence isn’t a deal-breaker either.


Where Should J Hooks Be Placed For Squats?

Yes, lifting hooks work great for pull-ups.The cup should rest at shoulder height so that you don’t tiptoe. Remember that the pin goes a few inches upper than desired height. Maintaining a correct posture is significant for avoiding injuries.

Are All J Hooks The Same Size?

No! The width of your platform's uprights matters. J-hooks are produced for a specific frame. Diameter, direction, and spacing of holes also determine the ultimate tolerance and fit.

How Do You Protect A Barbell From J Cups?

You must maintain powerlifting barbells. They aren’t cheap. Plastic inserts of J-cups minimize harsh scuffs. In addition, use coated accessories and storage stands.   


Most people don’t realize the importance of the best J-hooks for a squat rack. It should take care of you during weight training, not vice versa. 

Are you looking for a 3x3 J-hook? 

Rogue Monster Cups are hands down unbeatable. They'll outlast your lifting career in a home gym. A true-to-size fit should be a priority in any case. Mention your favorite J-hooks in the comment section.

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