9 Best Folding Squat Racks in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

When it comes to choosing the best folding squat racks, the decision might become really hard. There are actually a lot of items that vary in size, specifications, stability and many other features. Moreover, the high price is not always as reasonable as you can expect. Sometimes it comes with quality steel indeed. 

On the other hand, it can bring you some unnecessary features that are not worthy to be paid. So not only the budget should be considered while choosing the best folding weight rack. We have compiled the Top mainly taking into account athletes’ needs.

Our team of expert athletes, including Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, PhDs in Sports Science, and more, has spent more than 40 hours to test, rate and rank 15 different branded folding squat racks. Each of the candidates was ranked based on 5 different factors (stability, versatility, quality, space, and value for money).

This way, we were able to find 9 of the best folding squat racks currently available on the market. We aim to keep our audience informed, so expect the list to be continuously updated.

Best Folding Squat Rack

Top 9 Best Folding Squat Racks Reviewed

  1. REP PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack – Top Pick
  5. Signature Fitness 3” x 3” Wall Mounted Fold-in Power Cage Squat Rack – Best For Squats
  6. PRx Performance Profile® Squat Rack – Best For Pull-Ups
  7. HULKFIT Pro Series 2.35″ x 2.35″ Folding Wall Mount Power Cage – The Pick For The Beginners
  8. Synergee Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack
  9. Murphy Fold Up Squat Rack
for money
REP Fitness49101010109
Rogue RML-3W48.5101010108.5
Titan Fitness4810991010
Rogue RML- 904710810109
Signature Fitness45.51088.5109

1. REP PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack

REP PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack
  • Height: 92.3 inches
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Depth: 21.5 / 41 inches
  • Footprint: 21 inches / 41 inches Deep and 48.5 inches Wide
  • Rackable Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: 1 inch
  • Attachments included: (2) Standard UHMW-Lined J-Cups, (4) Mounting Brackets, (4) Hitch Pins, (8) Lag Bolts, (8) Concrete Anchors, (1) Quick-attach Pull-Up Bar, (2) UHMW Plastic Caps for Floor Protection, (4) 18.5 inches or 38 inches Crossmembers, (2) 92 inches Uprights.
  • Color: black

Headquartered in Colorado, Rep Fitness is bringing the equipment for home and commercial use. They do not supply professional sport, but claim to be the world-leading strength lifestyle company. 

Their PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack is a stable quality folding weight rack with the capacity up to 1000 lbs, made of heavy 11-Gauge steel. It comes in two sizes – 21.5 and 41 inches. 

For most setups the compact version might be the best option, so you can undoubtedly choose it whether you don’t have enough space. 

Nevertheless, the manufacturer on its own recommends the 41-inch rack for people who perform out/back or in/out movements, such as kipping pull-ups or muscle-ups. 

There is one more difference between the racks: when not in use, the smaller rack folds in, the larger – out. Want to fold the rack? Just take the pins out and fold the upright bars – it is really easy. Due to the four heavy-duty pins, the folding system is reliable. 

By the way, when folded, PR-4100 requires 6 inches of space. To say truly, wall mount squat rack mostly sits up to 5 inches from the wall, but this is not such a big difference. 

The advantage of this rack is 1-inch hole spacing through bench press and pull area (spacing is 2 inches mostly elsewhere). This difference allows for dialed-in liftoff height and performing bench press. It can also be performed as a dip station though. Plastic caps for floor protection included.

The one thing – the stringers from wood you can see at the pictures manufacturer provides are not included. They should be found in a local hardware store. 

All things considered, it can be an option for the fitness devotee or the professional lifter, searching for a heavy-duty rack with a high weight capacity. But it is undoubtedly a Top Pick for each athlete seeking for a high-quality foldable power rack to meet their expectation of a pleasant user experience. Moreover, it is quite cheaper than the rack that takes the second place in this TOP, while more attachments are included.


PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack is a stable quality folding weight rack with the capacity up to 1000 lbs, made of heavy 11-Gauge steel.

Value for Money:0


  • 2 varieties of depths
  • Protective caps
  • Easy to fold

Could be better:

  • Stringers are not included


Rogue Rml-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack
  • Height: 90.3 inches
  • Width: 56.2 inches Overall (On Wall), 49 inches Outside Uprights, 43 inches Inside Uprights
  • Depth: 21.5 / 41 inches
  • Working Area: 43 inches
  • Footprint: 24.75 / 43.75 inches x 56.1875 inches (on wall)
  • Rackable Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Product Weight: 163 / 190 lb
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: Westside hole spacing and 2 inch-on-center spacing above and below
  • Attachments included: included: quick-Attach Pull-Up Bar (1), mounting brackets for installation (4), a set of J-cups, detent pins (4) and all necessary hardware.
  • Color: black

Based in Ohio, Rogue Fitness is the leading manufacturer of strength and conditioning equipment. They not only officially supply professional competitions such as fitness Games, the World’s Strongest Man and many others, but also serve the needs of athletes training at home. 

So meet the Rogue RML-3W – an item made from heavy 11-Gauge steel that maintains strength and stability and comes in two sizes – 21.5 and 41 inches. While folded, both versions require less than five inches from the wall. By the way, a unique hinge-and-pin system was engineered to make both installation and folding easy and solid. So it is a really foldable power rack.

As long as a collapsible squat rack by Rogue is aimed to serve athletes' needs, it remains as sturdy as their standard Monster Lite rack. Moreover, the steel is coated by powder in the Rogue factory for a smooth finish. This not only makes the rack look more aesthetic, but also offers a better user experience. 

By the way, this rack is guaranteed by Rogue for life. 

Considering the needs, It may become the best choice for fitness athletes and other athletes that perform movements like kipping pull-ups. But even if you are a beginner searching for the longlast equipment, feel free to purchase this rack if the money is no object – it is safe, stable and guaranteed for life. 

But when the budget is limited, the equipment by Rogue moves aside. For example, this rack is the most expensive item from the TOP.


Rogue RML-3W – an item made from heavy 11-Gauge steel that maintains strength and stability and comes in two sizes – 21.5 and 41 inches.

Value for Money:0


  • A set of J-cups and other items attached
  • Guaranteed for life

Could be better:

  • The most expensive among our picks


T-3 Series Folding Power Rack
  • Height: 82.4 inches / 91.4 inches
  • Width: 46 inches
  • Depth: 21 / 44 inches
  • Footprint: 32.75 inches or 44.75 inches Deep / 54 inches Wide (46 inches on uprights)
  • Rackable Capacity: 1100 lbs
  • Product Weight: 145 lb
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: Westside hole spacing through the bench and clean pull zone, 2 inch spacing above and below, 6-inch side hole spacing throughout entire upright
  • Attachments included:6-inch side hole spacing throughout entire upright, Westside hole spacing throughout the entire front upright, (2) heavy-duty steel uprights with UHMW plastic bottom, (2) top and (2) bottom side bracings, (2) J-Hooks with UHMW plastic, 1.25 inch Single Pull-Up Bar, Rack Assembly Hardware
  • Color: black

Titan Fitness is an American manufacturer with a large assortment of home gear. Until the price is affordable, the quality varies from piece to piece.. 

So their T-3 from 11-Gauge steel is really great. This time you can choose both between depth (21 / 44 inches) and height (82 / 91 inches) so that you can purchase a really versatile rack (long story short: bigger size provides bigger versatility).  

While comparing T-3 to more expensive alternatives, most users do not notice the difference. Ok, PR-4100 is made of 3×3 inches 11-gauge steel, while the Titan’s offers a 2×3 option. But until you train at home, this extra 1 inch wide still doesn’t make sense.

While folded, this wall mount squat rack requires five inches from the wall. 

T-3 Series Folding Power Rack instagram
Photo by @badyal_built

“Solid frame, saving space” – that is how users mostly review the T-3. 

Only the mounting pretends to be a little bit hard. Users say that the instructions are not clear. Nevertheless, I know athletes who assembled the rack in 30 minutes. As long as you do it once, this is not a big problem until the folding is easy and quick.

This rack might become the best option for athletes looking for the budget equipment without sacrificing quality.


T-3 from 11-Gauge steel is really great. This time you can choose both between depth (21 / 44 inches) and height (82 / 91 inches) so that you can purchase a really versatile rack.

Value for Money:0


  • The ability to choose both depth and height
  • The biggest capacity
  • Affordable price

Could be better:

  • Set–up is pretty hard


Rogue Rml-90SLIM Door Mount Fold Back Rack
  • Height: 90.4 inches
  • Width: 49.2 inches (Outside Uprights), 43.2 inches (Inside Uprights)
  • Depth: 13 inches (when in use) / 5 inches (when folded)
  • Product Weight: 170 LBS (Including stringers & pull-up bar)
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: 5 / 8 inches holes, Westside spacing
  • Attachments included: Monster Lite J-Cups, Pull-up Bar, Required Hardware
  • Color: black

The second collapsible squat rack by premium Rogue brand in this review, but it is totally different. This equipment is set up around the door frame, fitting all standard doorways. Based on the 11-Gauge steel Monster Lite uprights – the legendary Rogue equipment – it offers a great workout experience. 

It also has a convenient hinge-and-pin system that makes the folding easy and safe (when the pin is fastened, the uprights are secured). As well as other equipment by Rogue it offers a classy user experience. For example, the steel on the main components is powder coated for the texture finish.

More good news – the hardware for mounting the uprights to the crossmembers comes from the black zinc. This might seem like a small thing, but it makes the appearance more aesthetic.

It saves spaces both when folded and in use and opens more possibilities by literally taking part of the wall out. Due to this construction, the versatility is quite big. Users mostly use it for ​​squatting and bench press, but until the working area is not limited, a lot of movements can be performed. It has a depth of 13 inches when in use, while other racks mainly require 20 inches.

The price is high, but there is one thing you should know before dismissing the idea of buying this rack – 4 stringers are included!

It may become a nice option for athletes that need more space while training. But remember, when folded it requires 5 inches off the mounting surface either (and only 13 inches when in use). It might be the most saving space rack in the market.


This equipment is set up around the door frame, fitting all standard doorways. Based on the 11-Gauge steel Monster Lite uprights – the legendary Rogue equipment – it offers a great workout experience.

Value for Money:0


  • The pin and swing-down system makes it easier to disassemble the rack
  • Black zinc hardware
  • Stringers included

Could be better:

  • Fitting for the majority of doorways

5. Signature Fitness 3” x 3” Wall Mounted Fold-in Power Cage Squat Rack

Signature Fitness Fold-in Squat Rack
  • Height: 78.5 inches
  • Width: 57.5 inches
  • Depth: 24 inches
  • Rackable Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: 47 vertical holes and Westside spacing on bottom
  • Attachments included: UHMW-coated J-Hooks
  • Color: red

As well as Titan Fitness, American manufacturer Signature Fitness was born to make a healthy lifestyle more acceptable. 

So they brought the 11-Gauge steel extremely sturdy folding wall squat rack in one compact 24 inch size, that holds up to 1000 lb. According to customer reviews, it is even more stable than mostly professional power racks installed in gyms. “Why didn't I buy it earlier” – that is the disappointment that users mainly publish after purchasing this item.

But the problem is that the Lock & pin hinge system is slow, so it might be a little bit hard to fold the rack every time you finish the workout.

Moreover, If you are tall enough, it might be difficult to perform pull-ups without bending your knees (it is only 78.7 inches high, while other racks are up to 90). When hanging, athletes with 5.9 inches height are only 3 inches away from touching the floor.  

Until it comes in one compact size, it can not be used to perform out/back or in/out movements, such as kipping pull-ups or muscle-ups. So the versatility is pretty low, but until you use it for squats, it is particularly sturdy equipment.  

The good thing – this has 47 vertical holes and Westside spacing on bottom to perform bench press. 

So it might be the best solution for the athletes, who know from the beginning that they will mostly perform squats. Not the tallest athletes though.


The 11-Gauge steel extremely sturdy folding wall squat rack in one compact 24 inch size, that holds up to 1000 lb.

Value for Money:0


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Stringers included
  • Magnetized pins

Could be better:

  • Versatility is low

6. PRx Performance Profile® Squat Rack

PRx Performance Profile® Squat Rack
  • Height: 91 inches
  • Width: 52 inches
  • Depth: 9 inches (with J-cups attached)
  • Rackable Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: front – 2 inches spaces, centered – 5 / 8 inches holes
  • Attachments included: a pair of 2x3 J-cups covered with UHMW plastic protection, pull-up bar
  • Color: black onyx

PRx Performance is the leader in space-saving gym equipment. By the way, it was this manufacturer who created the patent for mounted folding squat racks. Moreover, they are the only manufacturer of the fold up squat rack design. 

This item is a budget version of their Profile® PRO. Both of them are made from steel, offer the same functionality and can be listed as great folding squat racks. In comparison to the flagman, Profile® comes with only black color, while the PRO model comes with 10 colors.

PRO offers a bigger variety of sizes as well. Is it worth spending more money for the green or pink color while searching for the best foldable squat rack? I doubt it. But if you are searching for the dimensions offered by PRO – feel free to purchase.

As I said a lot of times – remember about your needs. There are 1-inch holes in the PRO version that makes it more sturdy than the budget version with 5 / 8-inch holes instead. But unless you use over 500 lbs, the Profile rack is more than enough.

The manufacturer uses heavy-duty gas shocks on each 4 pivot points, so the mounting and folding become effortless. The rack is also equipped with a safety pin to lock the uprights when not in use.

The rack can be mounted when the ceilings are 108 inches high. Whether the ceilings are lower (but not lower than 95 inches), you can make some changes in the construction of the rack to make it fit perfectly. Remember, these modifications will slightly shorten your rack distance from the wall.  

Designed for squats, this equipment turned out to be a great station for pull-ups. Firstly, the pull-bar is included in the purchase. Secondly, this rack has a versatile multi-grip option so that you can perform any pull-up variations. So this rack might be an option for athletes, looking for a versatile rack to perform both squats and pull-ups.


This item is a budget version of their Profile® PRO. Both of them are made from steel, offer the same functionality and can be listed as great folding squat racks.

Value for Money:0


  • Powder coated black design
  • Powder coated black design
  • Gas shocks allow the rack to be folding up and down with ease

Could be better:

  • No westside hole spacings

7. HULKFIT Pro Series 2.35" x 2.35" Folding Wall Mount Power Cage

HULKFIT Pro Series Power Cage
  • Height: 86 inches
  • Width: 23 inches
  • Depth: 42.5 inches
  • Rackable Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Product Weight: 112 lbs
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Hole Spacing: standard 2” hole spacing
  • Attachments included: Wall Mount Power Rack (1), J Hooks (2), Stringer Mounts (2), Crossbars (4), Pins (4), Pull Up Bar (1), hardware and instructions. 
  • Color: yellow

Hulkfit is also an American manufacturer that meets customer expectations by providing quality products at affordable prices. 

Their Pro Series Folding Rack is made from the 11-Gauge powder coated steel, the top of upright poles is covered by plastic. It comes in one size – 42.5 inches – so it can be used for a big amount of movements, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts.

Until there is no Westside hole spacing, bench press pretends to be quite inconvenient. And once again, stringers are not included but strongly recommended by the manufacturer to be mounted onto wall studs. 

In comparison to the previous collapsible weight racks mentioned in the article, the weight capacity is less – just 300 lbs. Moreover, athletes say that weighing more than 200 lbs makes it seem quite unstable. Due to the fact it almost doesn’t have adjustments and concrete anchors are slightly larger than standard, a perfectly leveled floor is also required according to users' reviews.

It remains a worthy option whether you are a beginner, performing with light weights. Until you use recommended weight, this gauge steel rack remains quite firm and sustainable. 


Pro Series Folding Rack is made from the 11-Gauge powder coated steel, the top of upright poles is covered by plastic.

Value for Money:0


  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Great value for money
  • 11-gauge powder coated steel with rubber feet

Could be better:

  • The lowest capacity among our picks

8. Synergee Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack

Synergee Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack
  • Height: 79.2 inches
  • Width: 46.2 inches
  • Depth: 21 inches
  • Rackable Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Product Weight: 85 lbs
  • Material: 14-Gauge steel
  • Hole Spacing: 1-inch holes spaced 2 inches apart
  • Attachments included: padded J-cups, a pull-up bar, screws for mounting to concrete and wood 
  • Color: black

Humans first, athletes second, says the American manufacturer Synergy Fitness that offers great equipment to be installed at home. 

What about their rack? This time 14-Gauge steel. By the way, the concept of steel gauge can be confusing because of its retrogressive scale. In simple words, the lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the steel. So the 14-Gauge steel is not as strong as the 11-Gauge one. 

But don’t forget to pay attention to the capacity – while using this rack, you can add weight only up to 750 lbs. How can it be? The material is not the only feature that the capacity depends on. Moreover, the manufacturer offers only a small 21-inch rack.

Nevertheless, it is quite versatile and can be used to perform pull-ups, squats and bench press. The bench is, surely, not included, but the rack comes with J-cups that can be set lower on the uprights.

Synergee Folding Squat Rack instagram
Photo by @synergeefit

The installation is simple – the clear manual and all screws needed are included. The one thing, when mounting the rack to drywall, extra screws need to be purchased. 1-inch hole spacing makes the rack quite versatile. Moreover, the pull-bar is included that makes this one suitable for pull-ups performing. 

The folding is also amazing. To make the rack flush with your wall, just remove the pull-up bar and pins and push the uprights to center. It locks into place with the use of high-strength locking pins. 

This folding wall squat rack literally brings the gym home. It easily becomes flush with the wall when not in use. Pull bars and pins can be simply removed, and the uprights can be pushed to the center. So it can be an option for athletes who want to fold the rack easily not only when the workout is over but also between the exercises.


Pro Series Folding Rack is made from the 11-Gauge powder coated steel, the top of upright poles is covered by plastic.

Value for Money:0


  • Full replacement of the rack due to the guarantee
  • High-strength locking pins

Could be better:

  • Only small 21 inch size
  • 14-Gauge steel

9. Murphy Fold Up Squat Rack

Murphy Fold Up Squat Rack
  • Height: 90 inches
  • Width: 49 inches
  • Depth: 27.5 inches
  • Rackable Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Product Weight: 120 lbs
  • Material: 14-Gauge steel
  • Hole Spacing: 2 inches spaced, centered 5/8" holes
  • Attachments included: pair of J-cups
  • Color: black

The second item by PRx closes the list. How can the rack by the leader in space-saving gym equipment fall behind? Don’t forget that I’ve declined in this article the greatest folding squat racks, so Murphy Fold Up Squat Rack, mostly rated by 5 stars, can also be an option.

As long as PRx has a patent on folding rack technology, they don't use it in Murphy. There is one more difference between this rack and other racks designs by PRx – instead of folding vertically using gas shocks, the Murphy folds horizontally.

This rack is made of 14-Gauge steel that comes in one 27.5 inches depth. Maybe the finish is quite rough, but until you use gloves, that is not a big disadvantage. While folded, it takes up 7 inches of floor space. Despite the fact that this number is up to 5 almost elsewhere, the rack still saves a lot of space. 

There are no Westside holes, so the versatility is not on top, but you can perform a big amount of movements either – from squats to pull-ups. As long as Murphy is created by PRx, the attachments by this brand fit to the rack. 

Athletes often compare this budget rack to Titan T-3 (Murphy is a little bit more expensive still). Moreover, while purchasing T-3, you get stringers included, but here you need to buy them in a local hardware store.


There is one more difference between this rack and other racks designs by PRx – instead of folding vertically using gas shocks, the Murphy folds horizontally.

Value for Money:0


  • PRx Fit gives you a lot of free workouts
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Attachments by PRx are compatible

Could be better:

  • No westside holes
  • 14-Gauge Steel


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

Folding Squat Racks

When building a home gym, the folding squat rack becomes one of the most important equipment you can purchase. Despite the word “squat” in the naming, it can be used for pull-ups, shoulder presses, bench presses and many other movements as well. The folding squat rack is a great option – while chosen, mounted and used properly, it remains a compact, durable and affordable item.

1. General Сharacteristics

Want to narrow down your choice? Pay your attention to the general characteristics firstly. 


Racks mainly come with one of these sizes: 24 or 41 inches depth. The bigger item is more versatile, but until you don’t have enough space, the 24-inch rack can also be an option. Moreover, the ceiling height limits the choice. 


Racks are mostly made of 2x3 or 3x3 11-Gauge steel. There are some items made of 14-Gauge steel, but they are not as strong as 11-Gauge ones. All of these racks are stable and safe. When training at home, the difference between them is almost imperceptible. 

Athlete Workout Using Squat Rack

2. Pros and Cons of the Folding Squat Racks

Here are some pros and cons.


✅ Space savings

The best squat racks fold completely flat against the wall when not in use, saving a lot of space. They mostly require up to 5 inches from the wall and it is amazing.

While the classic unfolding racks require approximately from 24 to 41 inches from the wall depending on the depth. 

✅ Money savings

Folding racks are mostly a little bit less expensive than the full-size unfolding equipment. Whether you have a limited budget, it is better to purchase a high-quality folding rack by the well-known brand.


To say it truly, folding racks have no cons, while chosen, mounted and used properly. 

Here are some cons you can face, if you did those improperly.

❌ The rack is too high / low

The first thing you should do before purchasing the rack – the measurements. Not only the ceilings’ height should be measured, by the way. It is also important to consider your height, especially when you are going to perform pull-ups. 

Some items allow you to make some changes in the construction to make them fit perfectly, whether they are too high for your ceilings. But if the rack is too low for your height – nothing can be done. Ok, it can also be used for some movements, but the versatility will not be enough.

Folding Squat Rack Review

❌ The Rack Is Unstable

There are some issues that can affect stability. For example, the rack can be made from subtle materials. Moreover, the rack can shake while not being compatible with the weight you use. Mostly the capacity is up to 1000 lbs, but there are some items that can hold only up to 300-500 lbs.

The third issue – is mounting. Racks mostly come without the stringers – they should be bought separately. Until the rack is set up without this attachment, it remains quite unstable. 

❌ The Rack Is Expensive

The racks’ prices vary from some hundreds to thousands of dollars. And there is no need to buy the most expensive one. There are a lot of budget racks that can be bought without sacrificing the quality. Here I have mentioned only quality racks and some of them are really affordable. One more thing – it is better to buy the new rack than the used one. Safety first! You will never know how the rack was being used.

❌ The Rack Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations at All

If you weigh heavy, even the high capacity rack might not be enough for you. If so, you should better try the power rack – you can literally step inside to be surrounded by the columns of the racks, that will make the routine more safe. This construction prevents you from trying to catch a falling barbell.

Folding Squat Rack in Home

3. When to Use

Don’t let the naming mislead you – this equipment can be used not only for squats. By adding the right attachments, it can become a fully-equipment station to drill your body. 

Use it for:

  • squats,
  • shoulder presses, 
  • bench presses,
  • as a dip station,
  • as a stable anchor for resistance bands and TRX,
  • a station for pull-ups.

But please don’t be disappointed – the attachments are included rarely. Even the stringers should be bought at the local store. Some racks are being sold with a bar for pull-ups.

What you need to know – the attachments should be compatible with the rack. So before buying the rack, write a list of attachments you need. It may happen that the rack you prefer doesn’t have the compatible attachments you need.

Types of Folding Squat Racks

Folding squat racks come in two forms, either wall-mounted or free-standing. Wall-mounted racks can be divided into two categories: classic wall-mounted items and items set up around the door frame.

Folding squat racks come in three forms: freestanding, wall-mounted and items set up around the door frame.

1. Freestanding Racks

Freestanding racks seem to be more bulky than wall-mounted ones, even while folded. Until you are searching for the equipment that will help you save a lot of space, pay your attention to wall-mounted items.

Freestanding Rack

2. Classic Wall-Mounted Racks

If you’re not planning to move your squat rack, both wall-mounted racks can be a good solution without sacrificing any features. They can be as sturdy as the classic unfolding equipment.

Moreover, the installation and folding is mostly very easy. Such items really save a lot of floor space and bring variety to your routine. While chosen properly, it can be used to perform a lot of movements, from squats and lunges to pull-ups and many more.

Classic Wall-Mounted Rack

3. Racks That Are Set Up Around the Door

These are not well-spread, but this kind of construction can help you to save even more space, while the part of the wall is literally taken out. We have mentioned the rack by Rogue, because it is a well-trusted brand that can guarantee both quality and safety. 

Doorway Mounted Rack

What to Look For in Folding Squat Racks?

1. Space

The first feature that is worthy to think about is dimensions. Even a fold away squat rack requires some space while in use – mainly up to 4-5 inches. Some items come in different dimensions, so you can choose the suitable one.

Others are being sold in only one size. Whether there is a lack of space, don’t hesitate to set up the door rack and perform the movements without fear of kicking the wall or furniture. 

2. Value for Money

In this article you can find sturdy and safe folding squat racks. Some of them are expensive, others – quite affordable. How could it be? I mostly agree that the better quality is usually the most expensive, but not only the quality price depends on.

For example, there is a fold away squat rack in the list with less capacity – up to 300 lbs – while others remain stable when you weigh up to 1000 lbs. Surely it is cheaper than professional fitness racks. But until you don’t search for the limits, this one is enough for you.

Preparing Folding Squat Rack for Training

3. Stability

I am sure that stability should be a key when you are searching for the squat rack to mount at home. Here I have mentioned stable and safe items that will not rip off the wall in the middle of a workout. They do not wobble during the routine either. 

But there is one thing that should be taken into consideration – it is very important to use stringers. But as long as stringers are mostly not included in the purchase, some athletes ignore them, making the routine unsafe.

Moreover, some racks may not have a compatible stringer, so while purchasing it, you should use a wooden beam to make the stringer by yourself. 

4. Versatility

Versatility mostly depends on hole spacing position. There are two rules. Firsty, the closer holes are together, the more variations you get. Westside hole spacing (when the holes are closer near the bottom) can increase the versatility either. Without Westside, it could be inconvenient to perform, for example,a bench press. 

The versatility depends on size as well. So the 41-inch item is more universal than the compact 24-inch one. The bigger rack is more likely to be purchased if you perform out/back or in/out movements, such as kipping pull-ups or muscle-ups.

Tips From the Champ

Choose a stable squat rack to ensure safety and consider hole spacing and size for increased exercise versatility. Closer holes and larger racks provide more options for dynamic workouts.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

5. Quality

Here you can find only quality products made up from the 11 or even 14-Gauge steel. Until mounted properly using the stringers, the uprights from this material lasts long. By the way, the difference between 2x3 and 2x3 steel is noteless whether you are training at home.

6. Capacity

Mostly, the capacity of foldable racks is up to 1000 lbs. But there are some items with the capacity less than 500 lbs. Ok, whether you are a beginner searching for the first squat rack, that can be an option.

But remember that one day this capacity will be deficiencу for you, and what will you do then? You will be induced to buy another rack with bigger capacity. Why spend money twice, when the racks with the 1000 lbs capacity are not extremely expensive?

7. Attachments

Stringers mostly are not included in the purchase. More likely is to find out that J-cups and a pull-up bar are being sold together with the uprights. When choosing the rack, make sure that you will find compatible attachments you need. By the way, you are not limited by one brand. 

Whether dimensions are compatible, feel free to mix the attachments by different brands. 

8. Guarantee 

The guarantee period also varies. Some items come with only a 1-year guarantee. Some of them, for example, the racks by Rogue, are guaranteed for life. While the reviews are excellent, you can try to buy an item with a short guarantee period, but the lifetime one is always more attractive.

Folding Squat Rack in Garage


Are Folding Squat Racks Good?

Squat rack – both folding wall squat and the classic one – is good for the whole body workout. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete searching for the limits, this equipment will help you to reach the goal.

Is It Worth Getting a Squat Rack at Home?

It is totally worth getting a squat rack at home, because it is a multi-functional equipment helping to perform a big amount of movements. As long as a folding wall squat exists, don’t even hesitate – this one will make your body drill.

What Else Can I Perform in a Squat Rack Beyond Squats?

Despite the word “squat” in the name of this equipment, squats are not the only routine you can perform in. With the right attachments, it becomes a great multifunctional dip station that can be used for the whole body workout. You can even use it as a stable anchor for resistance bands or TRX for a safer workout. 

Squat Rack vs Power Rack: Which Equipment Is Better?

Many athletes ask whether the power rack is better than the squat rack. The best choice depends both on the budget and needs. The power rack can be the option while you are going to lift heavy.

Nevertheless, the squat racks mostly have the capacity up to 1000 lbs either. But whether the budget is limited, you should know that squat racks usually are more affordable. So it can be better to purchase a more quality squat rack, if it meets your need’s expectations.


All things considered, the choice is up to your needs (and the height of your ceilings, of course). Here you can find the best quality with minimal differences. 

If money is not an object, a Top Pick is Rep PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack.

It is a great item with capacity up to 1000 lbs, made of heavy 11-Gauge steel. Its versatility impresses due to the 1-inch hole spacing through bench press and pull area (spacing is 2 inches mostly elsewhere). 

It can be an option both for fitness devotees and beginners, seeking high-quality equipment with a good design and smooth finish. Are you looking for a squat rack? Feel free to answer in the comments.

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  1. Cecilia Basaglia "Guide to buying the Foldable Rack" The Xenios USA Magazine. Published Settembre 21, 2022
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  3. Olivier Poirier-Leroy "Westside Hole Spacing: What is it, What are the Benefits, and the Racks That Have It" Your Workout Book

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  1. Hello @Tom!

    Typically, a folding squat rack will come with all the necessary attachments you need to get started with your workout routine.

    These attachments may include J-cups, safety pins, and possibly even a pull-up bar. However, the specific number of attachments can vary depending on the brand and model you choose.

    It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re selecting a folding squat rack that includes all the features and attachments you need for your fitness goals.

    When shopping for a folding squat rack, look for models that are sturdy, easy to fold and store, and have the attachments you need to support your workouts.

  2. As a beginner athlete, I was on the lookout for good quality folding power racks that wouldn’t take up too much space in my home gym. That’s when I stumbled upon the REP PR-4100 folding squat rack, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The heavy 11-gauge steel construction makes it feel sturdy and secure, while the 1-inch hole spacing is perfect for adjusting the liftoff height for my bench press. The compact size of the rack is perfect for my small space, and the plastic caps that come included ensure my floors don’t get damaged. The only downside I’ve noticed is that the rack doesn’t come with a pull-up bar, but that’s a minor inconvenience for such a great product. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid and space-saving weight rack.

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