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Dark Iron Fitness Belt Review (2024)

The Dark Iron Fitness belt review will provide an in-depth look at the price and quality of the belt, the unique support features, and the comfort level. Also, it will differentiate the belt from some of its competitors, while evaluating the material and packaging of the product.

Dark Iron Fitness Belt Review

The Dark Iron Fitness Belt Review: Quick Summary

Dark Iron is a company that aims to provide you with all the right accessories to make your workout easier and safer. These accessories like the dark iron weight lifting belt are made of high-quality material and bring unique features to the table as well. 

Dark Iron Fitness Belt In-Depth Review

Dark Iron Fitness Belt
  • Closure Type: Buckle, hook and loop
  • Size: XS to XL
  • Waist size range: 23 inches to 49 inches
  • Material: Leather
  • Width: 4″
  • Colors: Black
  • Certification: USAPL-approved 

1. Price/Quality

Right away a feature that stands out about the Dark Iron weight lifting belt is the low price point. Most high-quality weight lifting belts cost a lot more than the Dark Iron belt, which helps them differentiate from their competitors.

Typically, a lower price point goes hand-in-hand with lower quality, but that’s not the case with this weightlifting belt as it’s made of high-quality cowhide hide leather, which is stronger and more durable than other leather products. So not only is it very affordable, but you’re not compromising on quality.

2. Support

Of course, a weightlifting belt’s main purpose is how well it supports you during your lifts. Everything else can be seen as secondary. At first, you might see the slimmer design of the belt, as it is only 4 mm wide compared to the typical 10 to 13 mm, and think that the support level isn’t there.

However, because of the specific leather used for the belt, you don’t need all that extra material to create a supportive weightlifting belt. You can confidently wear it all the weight up to a 600-pound squat or deadlift without worrying about the support. In fact, they claim that the belt can help improve certain lifts by 10%.

3. Comfort

A part of the reason why the belt is smaller than your typical weightlifting belt is to enhance comfort. One major problem for those who are new to wearing belts is that they find it too uncomfortable to lift with them.

Either the belt pinches their sides or sits uncomfortably along the hips or under the ribcage. This distraction is less than ideal for a serious lifting session.

That’s why the smaller design, along with the leather used in the Dark Iron product is great. The belt is softer and more flexible than other weight-lifting belts, and it minimizes irritation and discomfort.

Dark Iron Fitness Belt Кумшуц

4. Material and Stitching

As mentioned before, the cowhide hide leather material used to make the belt helps the product stand apart from other weightlifting belts. Other belts are either made of lesser quality leather or a completely different material, which isn’t as sturdy or durable as leather.

On top of that, the Dark Iron belt comes with heavy-duty stitching. The belt has a six-row red stitching pattern that further enhances its durability.

However, an issue that might arise is the dye leaking onto your shirt from the belt during your workout. This can happen from time to time with weightlifting belts and is a drawback of this product.

5. Package

The belt comes in only a single colour option, which is black, however, the red stitching does make the belt stand out.

The belt also accommodates a size range from extra small to extra large. So, as low as 23 inches and as large as 49 inches. But, right out of the packaging, the belt can be a little stiff, so you would need a few sessions with it to break it in and have it feel comfortable around your waist. 


The Dark Iron Fitness Belt sets itself apart with its high-quality cowhide leather material and robust stitching, offering exceptional durability and value in the weightlifting belt market.

Material and Stitching:0


  • High-grade leather material for durability and longevity
  • Lower price point with high-quality material
  • Slimmer design that allows for both comfort and support
  • 6-row stitching pattern to add more durability

Could be better:

  • The dye colour can leak out onto your clothes
  • No other colour options except for black

What Or Who Is The Dark Iron Fitness Belt For?

1. For Beginners 

A reason why the Dark Iron belt is great for beginners is that it’s easy to use and comfortable to wear. So, it can act as a great first belt for someone who has never used a weightlifting belt before. Also, the belt is great for weights as high as 600-pound, which is more than enough for a beginner, but an advanced weightlifter might want to use something even more powerful. 

2. For Injury Prevention Or Injury Recovery

First and foremost, a weightlifting belt like the Dark Iron belt can be a great tool to minimize the risk of injury during your workout session. Its quality material is aimed to provide plenty of support during your lifting session.

Additionally, if you have recently been injured and are on the path toward recovery, the Dark Iron belt can aid you by providing you with stable support as you build back your strength and confidence, along with improving your techniques.


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3. Various Exercises

There are many exercises which can put extra strain on your lower back, such as deadlifts, barbell rows, squats, cleans, overhead presses, and many others. It is a good idea to wear a belt when doing these, so you have an added layer of support. However, the purpose of a belt isn’t to wear it tight and expect it to work. You need to be able to use the belt to properly brace your core, which will allow you to perform exercises with more stability and support. 

Dark Iron Fitness Belt Alternatives 

Dark Iron Fitness Belt vs WBCM Belt

WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt

Both belts are made of high-grade leather, however, the Warm Body Cold Mind belt comes with a heavy-duty, stainless steel buckle. This way, you don’t have to worry about the prongs being flimsy or coming out during your lifting session.

The WBCM belt also has more sizing options as it goes as high as triple XL. But one thing that the Dark Iron belt has that the WBCM belt doesn’t is the slimmer design, which aids comfort. However, the WBCM is both IPF and USAPL-approved and could be better suited for more advanced lifters compared to the Dark Iron belt.

Dark Iron Fitness Belt vs Element 26 Belt

Element 26 Belt

The Element 26 belt comes with a unique self-locking system, which works on a release lever system. So, as long as you have the belt on, it won’t come undone until you pull the lever. This is to ensure stability during your workout.

However, the Element 26 belt is made of nylon, which is considered to be of lesser quality than leather. So, the Dark Iron belt is likely to be more durable and supportive. However, nylon is more flexible and will give more mobility.

But, for those who are more into customizing their look, the Element 26 belt comes in various colour options, so you can pick the one that suits you the best.


What Size Dark Iron Fitness Belt Should I Get?

In terms of sizes, the belt comes from extra small to extra large. So, if you want to get the right size, it would be best to measure your waist. Of course, remember to measure your actual waist and not your pant size.

It also depends on what other clothing you like to wear when working out. If you rather wear your belt over your hoodie, then take that into account before purchasing the belt.

The size range covers waists as small as 23 inches and as large as 49 inches.

How Does The Dark Iron Fitness Belt Work?

The Dark Iron belt comes with a hook and loop system. So, you just wrap the belt around your waist and loop it through the buckle until the belt gets tight. But not too tight that you have trouble breathing or bracing.

Then, you put the prongs of the buckle through the right holes and expand your core before your lift. This way you’ll feel a secure and stable sensation.


The Dark Iron Lifting belt is made of high-quality leather and comes with a unique, slimmer design to enhance comfort without giving up any support. So, it’s a great option if you’re looking to purchase your first lifting belt or need something to support you during lifts like squats and deadlifts.

However, if you’re a more advanced lifter, and are searching for a belt that is suitable for competition and is both durable and supportive, then the WBCM belt is a better investment.

What are your best tips to engage the core? How tight do you like to wear your lifting belt? Which exercises do you use a belt for?

Let’s discuss all of this and any other questions you might have in the comment section below!

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