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Nike Kettlebell Review: Is It Worth Your Attention?

Kettlebells offer a range of versatile uses, including explosive power work, strength training, and cardio-based exercises. The innovative designs allow you to use them single- or double-handed with different under- and over-head motions. 

Nike is well-known in the fitness industry for their extensive range of gear and clothing. Our Nike kettlebell review looks at the main features of their range of kettlebell weights. 

Nike Kettlebells Review Quick Summary

Nike Kettlebells

Nike Kettlebells
  • Weight Range: 9-88 lbs
  • Handle Diameter: 30-40 mm (depending on size)
  • Handle Width: 160-238 mm (depending on size)
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Coating: Black Powder-coating

Founded in 1964, Nike quickly grew to become one of the most well-known sports and fitness brands in the world. They manufacture a wide range of fitness equipment and apparel for multiple sports including gym training.

training with nike kettlebell

Made from cast iron with a black powder-coated finish, the Nike kettlebells offer a weight range from 9-88 pounds. Each kettlebell has a flat machined base and is color-coded on the handle. Nike offers cheaper shipping costs as you purchase more weight, with orders over 1000 pounds having free shipment.


Made from cast iron with a black powder-coated finish, the Nike kettlebells offer a weight range from 9-88 pounds. Each kettlebell has a flat machined base and is color-coded on the handle.

Weight Range:0
Handle Diameter:0
Handle Width:0


  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Protective black powder coating finish
  • Color-coded handles for easy weight recognition
  • Cheaper shipping with larger orders
  • Machined flat bases for stability and safety

Could be better:

  • The casting process could be better, with a visible seam and blemishes present on some of the kettlebells
  • Larger weight range for elite-level athletes or strongman training would be good
  • Somewhat expensive for the construction quality
  • The branding is raised out of the kettlebell, which may dig into the skin on certain kettlebell movements


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Nike Kettlebell Review: The Main Characteristics and Features 

When choosing a suitable kettlebell for your home gym, consider the factors below as the most important ones to look out for.

different nike kettlebels

1. Design

The first thing we noticed when examining the Nike kettlebells is the color-coded handles for each weight. If you're purchasing multiple ones, the colors make them much easier to recognize without having to read each weight and interrupt your workout.

The bottom of each kettlebell is machined flat, keeping the kettlebell secure as you quickly change weights or use them as part of a high-intensity workout. 

Nike has designed the kettlebells with raised branding which is a bad idea in our opinion. When performing dynamic movements where the kettlebells go against the skin, the raised branding may dig in and make the movement uncomfortable.

2. Weight Range

In terms of weight range, the Nike kettlebells go from 9 to 88 pounds and should be sufficient for most types of regular training and ability levels. The weight precision is +/- 3%, which equals the standard set by kettlebell brands.

If you're looking for super heavy kettlebells for strongman-type training, the Nike ones unfortunately don't offer any monster versions like some other brands. This may be something for the brand to improve upon in the future. 

3. Grip

The handle diameter and width range from 30 to 40 mm and from 160 to 238 mm, respectively, both depending on the weight of the kettlebells. Unfortunately, no sizing chart is provided on the website for specific measurements.

As far as handle measurements go, those are pretty standard sizes, meaning they should be suitable for smaller and bigger hands (depending on the weight you choose, of course). 

Kettlebells workout

4. Coating

The black powder-coated finish is a great way to ensure the kettlebells don't slip around during dynamic movements with and without chalk. Additionally, it provides excellent protection from the environment and repeated impact.

This coating makes them well-suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor kettlebell activities without you needing to worry about them breaking down. 

5. Material

The heavy-duty cast iron construction is the gold standard when it comes to kettlebells, proven to stand up to years of repeated use where other materials don't. The Nike kettlebells are all made from solid cast iron. 

6. Durability

The cast iron construction combined with the black powder coating gives the Nike kettlebells decent durability, protecting the kettlebells from chips and scratches when used indoors or outdoors. 

However, the casting process could be much better, with a visible seam and some blemishes seen on some of the kettlebells. Compared to a gravity casting process, this reduces the overall durability so we’ve had to make the kettlebells down due to this.

Exercises with kettlebells

Who Are Nike Kettlebells For?

Kettlebells are extremely versatile pieces of gym equipment suitable for a wide range of exercises and goals. They can be used through multiple planes of motion to build strength, powder, and conditioning depending on the type of kettlebell movement you perform.

Multiple functional and strength-based movements can be done using one or two hands, with several muscles engaging to keep the kettlebell under control. 

This makes kettlebells suitable for recreational gym goers and athletes looking to build strength and conditioning, improve sports performance, and develop functional movement patterns. Examples of suitable groups include:

  • Recreational gym goers
  • Sports performance athletes 
  • Functional training 
  • Calisthenics
  • Olympic weightlifters 

In these groups, popular movements include:

  • Kettlebell swings 
  • Kettlebell cleans
  • Kettlebell goblet squats 
  • Kettlebell snatches 
  • Kettlebell rows (Back exercises)
  • Kettlebell presses (Chest, Shoulder exercises)
  • Kettlebell lunges
  • Kettlebell carries
  • Kettlebell deadlift variations 

As you can see from the lists above, kettlebells have multiple uses and exercise options. These are just some of the more popular choices! 

Nike Kettlebell Alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives to Nike kettlebells, Rogue is another reputable brand that offers high-quality kettlebells. We compared these two popular competitors below:

yellow nike kettlebell

Nike Kettlebells vs Rogue Kettlebells

Nike and Rogue are well known for producing high-quality fitness equipment and are popular among gym enthusiasts. Both kettlebells are made from high-quality cast iron and finished with a protective black powder coating. In addition, they have flat machined bases and are nicely color-coded on the handles. 

Where the Rogue kettlebells differ is the weight range offered, with the Rogue Monster kettlebells going from 97 to 203 pounds for elite-level kettlebell users. While both offer excellent value for money, the Rogue kettlebells are slightly cheaper than the Nike ones.


Is It Better to Use Dumbbells or Kettlebells?

Both dumbbells and kettlebells have a good range of suitable uses. The better option depends on the specific exercise you want to perform. If you primarily do traditional strength-based exercises such as presses and curls, go with dumbbells. If your training focuses on more conditioning, calorie-burning type exercises then kettlebells are your best option. 

What Weight of Kettlebell Should I Have for a Home Gym?

When deciding the best kettlebell range for your home gym, consider the main exercises you want to perform and your ability level for each of them. Work out the minimum and maximum weights needed for the whole exercise range to choose the appropriate kettlebell weights. Consider your budget and space as well. 


Nike kettlebells are well-built using a cast iron construction with a black powder coating for added protection. However, the casting process could be better with multiple blemishes and a visible seam which reduces the overall quality. They have a decent weight range with a +/- 3% weight precision. Each handle is nicely color-coded and has a machined flat bottom for added stability. 

What do you think of the Nike kettlebells? Do you have any for your home gym? Let me know and we can share our experiences below! 

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