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2024 World’s Strongest Man: Final Results and Recap

From the 30th of April until the 5th of May fans of Strongman competitions were able to enjoy this year’s edition of World’s Strongest Man – the main event for the year.

This year, the athletes had to go through two days of qualifying, after which only two top athletes from each group would go onto the final days on May 4-5. 

World’s Strongest Man 2024 Recap 

Several days before the competition started, the organizers announced the five groups the athletes would be split into: 

Group 1 


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  • Luke Stoltman (GB)
  • Trey Mitchell (USA)
  • Kevin Faires (USA)
  • Eddie Williams (AUS) 
  • Oskar Ziółkowski (POL)
  • Tristain Hoath (CA)

Group 2 

Group 3

  • Adam Bishop (GB)
  • Thomas Evans (USA)
  • Rob Kearney (USA)
  • Pa O’Dwyer (IRL)
  • Mathew Ragg (NZ)
  • Aivars Šmaukstelis (LVA)

Group 4

  • Marcus Crowder (USA)
  • Kane Francis (GB)
  • Rauno Heinla (EST)
  • Pavlo Kordiyaka (UA)
  • Evans Nana (GHA)
  • Evan Singleton (USA)

Group 5 

  • Wesley Derwinsky (CA)
  • Nathan Goltry (USA)
  • Adam Roszkowski (POL)
  • Jaco Schoonwinkel (SA)
  • Tom Stoltman (GB)
  • Bobby Thompson (USA)

Out of all 30 athletes competing, two were considered to be the favorites – previous winner Tom Stoltman and last year’s defending champion Mitchell Hooper, who recently also won the Arnold Classic. 

As we already mentioned, the first two competition days were considered to be qualifications. After two intense days of competing, only ten athletes headed into the finals on May 4th and May 5th. Their group included: 

  • Evan Singleton 
  • Austin Andrade 
  • Tom Stoltman 
  • Wesley Derwinsky 
  • Tristain Hoath 
  • Mitchell Hooper 
  • Matthew Ragg 
  • Luke Stoltman 
  • Aivars Šmaukstelis 
  • Pavlo Kordiyaka

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World’s Strongest Man 2024: Finals Recap

After the finalists group was formed, it was time for three days of heavy competition that would ultimately determine this year’s World’s Strongest Man. 

Finals Day 1

On the first day of the final stage, the athletes had to deal with three events: 

  • KNAACK Giant’s Medley
  • Max Axle Press
  • Keg Toss 

During the Knaack Giant’s Medley, the competitors had to test their stamina and strength. They had to carry a 454 kg yoke down a 20-meter course and pull off a farmer carry weighing 330 kg while returning.

The athlete who managed to do both hauls fastest would be the winner. In this case, that was Evan Singleton, who managed to go back and return in 30.21 seconds, a result 10 seconds faster than second-placed Austin Andrade. 

The final results looked like this: 

  1. Evan Singleton — 30.21 seconds
  2. Austin Andrade — 40.61 seconds
  3. Tom Stoltman — 41.26 seconds
  4. Wesley Derwinsky — 59.2 seconds
  5. Tristain Hoath — 35.54 meters
  6. Mitchell Hooper — 34.59 meters
  7. Matthew Ragg — 28.9 meters
  8. Luke Stoltman — 27.43 meters
  9. Aivars Šmaukstelis — 21.96 meters
  10. Pavlo Kordiyaka — 20.99 meters

After that, it was time for the Max Axle Press – an event that had the athletes clean & press a barbell to lockout.  The winners here were both Mitchell Hooper and Tom Stoltman, as both of them managed to lift 210 kg for four reps. 

The final results looked like this: 

  1. Mitchell Hooper — 4 reps (210 kilograms) (T-first)
  2. Tom Stoltman — 4 reps (210 kilograms) (T-first)
  3. Pavlo Kordiyaka — 4 reps (200 kilograms)
  4. Evan Singleton — 3 reps (190 kilograms)
  5. Austin Andrade — 3 reps (190 kilograms)
  6. Luke Stoltman — 3 reps (190 kilograms)
  7. Tristain Hoath — 2 reps (180 kilograms)
  8. Matthew Ragg — 1 rep (170 kilograms)
  9. Aivars Šmaukstelis — no lift
  10. Wesley Derwinsky — no lift

Finally, to warm up day 3, it was time for the Keg Toss – an event in which the athletes had to toss a 15 kg keg as high as they could over a crossbar. This time, Tom Stoltman, Wesley Derwinsky, and Mitchell Hooper tied for first place again, as all of them managed to do five reps of 7.76 meters. 

The final results looked like this: 

  1. Tom Stoltman — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)
  2. Mitchell Hooper — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)
  3. Wesley Derwinsky — 5 reps (7.76 meters) (T-first)
  4. Evan Singleton — 4 reps (7.5 meters)
  5. Matthew Ragg — 3 reps (7 meters) (T-fifth)
  6. Aivars Šmaukstelis — 3 reps (7 meters) (T-fifth)
  7. Austin Andrade — 2 reps (6.5 meters) (T-seventh)
  8. Luke Stoltman — 2 reps (6.5 meters) (T-seventh)
  9. Tristain Hoath — 1 rep (6 meters)
  10. Pavlo Kordiyaka — no toss

At the end of the first final’s day, Tom Stoltman was leading the field.

Finals Day 2

On the final day of the competition, the fans and the athletes were greeted with rain as the following events had to start: 

  • Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel 
  • BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift
  • Atlas Stones 

Conan’s Wheel is considered a classic among Strongman fans – the athletes this year had to lift up a handle attached to a wagon that weighs 250 kg and then walk in a circle for as long as possible, and the winner is the person who manages the longest distance (degrees).

After intense competition, the winner of this event was Pavlo Kordiyaka, who managed to go for 922 degrees, followed by Mitchell Hooper in second place (821 degrees) and Tom Stoltman in third place (777 degrees).

The final results looked like this: 

  1. Pavlo Kordiyaka — 922 degrees
  2. Mitchell Hooper — 821 degrees
  3. Tom Stoltman — 777 degrees
  4. Matthew Ragg — 748 degrees
  5. Wesley Derwinsky — 643 degrees
  6. Tristain Hoath — 643 degrees
  7. Evan Singleton — 598 degrees
  8. Luke Stoltman — 527 degrees
  9. Austin Andrade — 526 degrees
  10. Aivars Šmaukstelis — 486 degrees

During the second event of the day, the Tires HD Terrain Deadlift, the athletes had to do max reps for 60 seconds with a barbell loaded with tires on each side weighing 324 kg. Again, none of the favourites managed to win this event as the first place went to Matthew Ragg with 8 reps, followed by Tristain Hoath and Tom Stoltman with 7 reps. 

The leaderboard after the event looked like this: 

  1. Matthew Ragg — 8 reps
  2. Tristain Hoath — 7 reps (T-second)
  3. Tom Stoltman — 7 reps (T-second)
  4. Austin Andrade — 6 reps (T-fourth)
  5. Wesley Derwinsky — 6 reps (T-fourth)
  6. Mitchell Hooper — 6 reps (T-fourth)
  7. Evan Singleton — 5 reps
  8. Luke Stoltman — 4 reps
  9. Aivars Šmaukstelis — 3 reps
  10. Pavlo Kordiyaka — 1 rep

The event that would determine the competition was the Atlas Stones, another strongman classic. Athletes faced five Atlas Stones ranging from 140 to 210 kg, and their task was to hoist them on a podium from lightest to heaviest in only 60 seconds. The only man who managed to put all five was Tom Stoltman, followed by Mitchell Hooper, who got 4 in 37.35, and Tristain Hoath with 4 in 43.79 seconds.

The final results looked like this: 

  1. Tom Stoltman — 38.14 seconds
  2. Mitchell Hooper — 4 in 37.35 seconds
  3. Tristain Hoath — 4 in 43.79 seconds
  4. Pavlo Kordiyaka — 4 in 44.58 seconds
  5. Matthew Ragg — 4 in 49.93 seconds
  6. Austin Andrade — 3 in 24.42 seconds
  7. Evan Singleton — 3 in 29.09 seconds
  8. Wesley Derwinsky — 3 in 30.8 seconds
  9. Aivars Šmaukstelis — 3 in 32.88 seconds
  10. Luke Stoltman — 3 in 36.09 seconds

Final Scores & Leaderboard

After winning his group during the Qualification phase and showing impeccable form during the finals, British representative Tom Stoltman won his third World’s Strongest Man title. His results in every event were incredible, showing consistency as he never finished below third place during the final two days. 

Tom Stoltman began competing when he was just 18 years old, and for the last 11 years, he has gotten a reputation as one of the sport’s best athletes. Since 2019, he has had one fifth-place finish, two second-place medals, and three wins, making him the most successful Strongman in the last five years. 

Final Leaderboard 

  1. Tom Stoltman (Great Britain): 53 points
  2. Mitchell Hooper (Canada): 47.5 points
  3. Evan Singleton (United States): 36 points
  4. Matthew Ragg (New Zealand): 35.5 points
  5. Tristain Hoath (Canada): 33.5 points
  6. Wesley Derwinsky (Canada): 31 points
  7. Austin Andrade (Mexico): 30.5 points
  8. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine): 27 points
  9. Luke Stoltman (Great Britain): 19.5 points
  10. Aivars Šmaukstelis (Latvia): 12.5 points 

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