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Mitchell Hooper Wins the 2024 Arnold Strongman Classic UK 

The UK version of the Arnold Strongman Classic was held between 16-17 of March in Birmingham, and it very much reminded us of the competition that had already occurred in the United States just a few weeks ago. On top of the podium, winning the gold medal for the event was Mitchell Hooper, who’s last year’s World Strongest Man and the winner from the US version of this year’s Arnold Classic. 

Even though the two competitions are pretty similar in the UK version of the Arnold Strongman Classic, we saw events such as Austrian Oak, Power Medley, Farmer’s Walk, Bag over Bar, and Deadlift. Along with Mitchell Hooper, other big names that competed include Hafthor Bjornsson and Maxime Boudreault. 

2024 Arnold Strongman Classic UK Event Results 

There were a total of five events during the Arnold Strongman Classic, and now, let’s look at the results for each one. 

Mitchell Hooper

Austrian Oak 

Athletes were given 90 seconds to lift either 175 or 195 kg for as many reps as possible. Any rep with the heavier weight counted for more than any number of reps with the lighter weight. 


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  1. Mitchell Hooper — 3 reps (195 kg) (T-first)
  2. Lucas Hatton — 3 reps (195 kg) (T-first)
  3. Bobby Thompson — 2 reps (195 kg)
  4. Maxime Boudreault — 2 reps (175 kg)
  5. Hafthor Björnsson — One rep (175 kg) (T-fifth)
  6. Gavin Bilton — 1 rep (175 kg) (T-fifth)
  7. Oskar Ziółkowski — no lift
  8. Rauno Heinla — no lift

Farmer’s Walk 

With a timer set at 60 seconds, each of the strongmen had to carry 181 kg for distance, up and down a 15-meter course. Athletes were only allowed to drop and change grip once every 15 meters. 

  1. Mitchell Hooper — 29.2 meters
  2. Hafthor Björnsson — 28.6 meters
  3. Lucas Hatton — 17.9 meters
  4. Bobby Thompson — 27.1 meters
  5. Maxime Boudreault — 8.5 meters
  6. Oskar Ziółkowski — 23.6 meters
  7. Gavin Bilton — 8.4 meters
  8. Rauno Heinla — 1.1 meters

Power Medley

This time, the athletes had a two-and-a-half-minute time cap, and each one traversed a 454 kg yoke 15 meters before lifting three heavy dumbbells, each one weighing 110,120 and 130 kg. Completing the entire medley counted for 4 reps. 

  1. Lucas Hatton — 4 in 131.81 seconds
  2. Mitchell Hooper — 3 in 39.78 seconds
  3. Hafthor Björnsson — 2 in 69.73 seconds
  4. Maxime Boudreault — 2 in 106.18 seconds
  5. Bobby Thompson — 1 in 21.24 seconds
  6. Rauno Heinla — 1 in 28.71 seconds
  7. Oskar Ziółkowski — 1 in 37.58 seconds
  8. Gavin Bilton — 1.5 meters

Bag Over Bar 

With a 25 kg implement, athletes had to establish a maximum height. 

  1. Hafthor Björnsson — 5.79 meters
  2. Mitchell Hooper — 5.49 meters
  3. Maxime Boudreault — 5.49 meters (T-third)
  4. Oskar Ziółkowski — 5.49 meters (T-third)
  5. Gavin Bilton — 5.18 meters
  6. Bobby Thompson — 4.88 meters
  7. Lucas Hatton — no lift
  8. Rauno Heinla — no lift

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Here, instead of chasing a one-rep maximum, the athletes had to perform as many reps as they could, with 350 kg and 60 seconds on the clock.

  1. Hafthor Björnsson — 10 reps
  2. Rauno Heinla — 9 reps
  3. Mitchell Hooper — 8 reps
  4. Lucas Hatton — 7 reps (T-fourth)
  5. Bobby Thompson — 7 reps (T-fourth)
  6. Oskar Ziółkowski — 3 reps
  7. Gavin Bilton — 2 reps
  8. Maxime Boudreault — no lift

2024 Arnold Strongman UK Final Results 

After five events, the final top 10 looked like this, with Mitchell Hooper winning the gold medal and Hafthor winning the silver one in his second competition after returning from injury.

  1. Mitchell Hooper (CAN) — 34.5 points
  2. Hafthor Björnsson (ISL) — 32.5 points
  3. Lucas Hatton (USA) — 24 points
  4. Bobby Thompson (USA) — 23.5 points
  5. Maxime Boudreault (CAN) — 19 points
  6. Oskar Ziółkowski (POL) — 16 points
  7. Gavin Bilton (UK) — 12.5 points
  8. Rauno Heinla (EST) — 11 points

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