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Lasha`s Historical Snatch

Last weekend can be called historic for weightlifting without exaggeration. At the National Georgian Championship Lasha Talakhadze showed a fantastic result in snatch – 222 kg.

According to Seb Ostrowicz from Weightlifting House, Talakhadze took four snatch attempts (in normal weightlifting competition, an athlete has three attempts). In the first attempt, he snatched 205 kg in a traditional light manner, in the second attempt – 212 kg, in the third – 218 kg, and in the fourth attempt he lifted 222 kg very powerfully and technically. The lift is 2kg over his official world record.

Our sport has never filmed such a result on video, or in training, and even more on a competitive platform.

The clean and jerk result was not a record, but nevertheless 240 kg in the first attempt and 255 kg in the second are also very impressive.


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Thus, the total is 477 kg, a result that only Lasha himself has shown in the international arena to date. 

Not so long ago we made a film about Lasha’s preparation in Ukraine. For those who have not seen it – the link is here.

Today read the interview that Lasha gave us when he was at the training camp, in which he shared a story of his success, his beliefs and dreams.

Tell me where weightlifting came from in your life? Is it a coincidence that you became a weightlifter? 

All I knew as a child about weightlifting was that my father did this sport. I started with him my first workouts, and he introduced me to Giorgi Asanidze, the great athlete and my future trainer. The acquaintance with him and Kakhi Kakhiashvili (3-time Olympic Champion and President of the Weightlifting Federation of Georgia) was a very important event in my life. Their example and achievements have always been a huge motivation for me to become the Olympic Champion. When I started to take part in international competitions, I was very impressed by a huge number of young, strong, and talented athletes in the world. The desire to compete with them, show more results made me a real athlete.

A lot of athletes underestimate the importance of warm-up, but what is your approach to this part of your session?

Preparation for training and warm-up is very important.

Before I start training, a massage therapist works with me for 30 minutes: he warms and heats muscles with special ointments. Total warm-up lasts 10-15 minutes. Training with light weights can take a very large amount of time and sets. This helps to work technically.

In weightlifting, there is an ambivalent attitude to knee wraps, someone uses it all the time, and some athletes categorically do not use it. What’s your opinion?

I know medical tape is not the most durable one, it’s already more like a habit. In my youth I didn’t use them at all, but when I injured my knee the first time, I wrapped it, got used and didn’t try to get out of it.

What does the coach mean to you?

A lot of things depend on the trainer. In many senses, your future depends on him. He is responsible for all preparation for competitions, all training processes, and, of course, the performance itself.

The trainer’s work is not only exercises and technique, but it is also psychological preparation, ability to reveal the athlete. The trainer is not only how many exercises you have to do. Of course, the athlete always has a huge responsibility, but, in my opinion, the trainer has even more responsibility. We have a very cool team of trainers. Naturally, it affects the result of each athlete of the Georgian team. I consider that the trainer for the athlete is responsible for at least 60% of the athlete’s success because if there is no good trainer, there is no good result.

Your results are already fantastic today! Do you think that you are close to your maximum  potential? 

It seems to me that I have not reached the maximum weights yet.

It is very important to train correctly in order not to get any trauma. It’s always wiser to do a few sets on less weight than take more weight and get injured. The biggest weight I have ever lifted was in the back squat – 340 kg three times.

500 kg is it real?

Yes, why not. If I once reach the 500 kg mark, then I will immediately have a target 505, 510, etc. But first, I have to reach 500, which is very hard.

How often do you fail at your sessions?

Sometimes I can fail some kind of set and don’t lift the weight. But if it happens again, I probably won’t sleep all night because of nerves. And although I rarely miss a lift, I always know my mistakes and I try to reduce them and fix everything to the next sets.

How does it feel to be the strongest person on the planet?

I really don’t know if I’m going to be a leader in the 21st century or not. Besides, I do not want to be alone. I would also like many other athletes to be strong, both representatives of Georgia, and other countries. It will even be better for me if I have strong competitors. It will also help to increase the popularity of sports all over the world.

And some advice from Lasha Talakhadze. 

If you want to become a big athlete with high results, you have to forget about entertainment, throw second thoughts out of your mind, you have to be focused on this sport and have to work. The main thing for us, weightlifters is the routine which the athlete has to keep. Then the results will be achieved! And, of course, a lot of hard work!

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