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Karlos Nasar: From SURGERY to World RECORD 223 kg

Karlos Nasar’s name has already become popular in the weightlifting community since his flashy win at the European Championships in Yerevan. Being only 18 years old, he succeeded in winning gold in Clean & Jerk and Total. What’s more, he broke five World Records in the 89-kilogram division and became a European Champion. Since then he has captured the attention of weightlifting fans all over the world.

However, because of the Achilles injury and further surgery, he was temporarily sidelined and paused his ambitions and pursuits. Let’s remind you of the major milestones in Nasar’s career, the challenges he faced, and his ultimate determination that eventually brought him back to the competitive flow and reclaim his World Record holder’s title.

Karlos Nasar at the European Weightlifting Championships 2023

The Rise of the Weightlifting Star

Karlos Nasar became a true prodigy in the professional weightlifting arena: just 17 years old, he became the second youngest world champion in the history of weightlifting. Starting in 2021, he was showing incredible results: at the World Championship in Tashkent, he broke the senior 81-kg-weight division Clean & Jerk world record by lifting 208 kg. 

Later, at 18 years old, Karlos broke the world record in the 89-kg weight class: he did 220 kg in Clean & Jerk and won the gold medal in this exercise at the 2022 World Championship. This time Karlos became the only male lifter who holds world records in two different categories. 


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His next performance at the Europeans in Yerevan was even more outshining: he set five new World records in the 89-kg weight class in one day in the Junior and Senior categories.

He lifted 174 kg in Snatch, setting the Junior World Record, 221 kg in Clean & Jerk by setting the Senior World Record, and a total was 395 kg, resulting in the World Record as well.

With each performance, Nasar showcases his prowess and high focus, while solidifying his reputation on the way to his next great dream. With such an approach, Karlos became a real role model for many world lifters. 

Additionally to his incredible wins, Nasar also works on his physique: a mix of youthful determination and stubbornness, together with raw power speak about his limitless dedication to sports.

Karlos Nasar at WWC 2023 in Qatar WR 2023

Unstoppable Bulgarian Spirit on the Way to His Great Return

His performance at the Europeans in Armenia ended up with a serious leg injury. Karlos tore the Achilles tendon: the detached broken sink severed it and the most optimistic prognosis was eight months of full recovery. However, despite the trauma, Nasar went to Riyadh not to compete, but for weight-in and do some training sessions together with the Bulgarian team to maintain his physical condition.

He did 160 kg snatches, 180 kg power cleans, and strong push jerks. So, such lifts and intensive recovery regimes gave weightlifting devotees hope that Karlos will return soon to the world weightlifting arena with even greater strength and motivation to win the title.

Karlos constantly proves his excellent form not just during workout sessions, but also while performing at the Bundesliga weightlifting season. In November, in the German city Heinsheim, he showed incredible results with a total of 385 kg, which is 10 kilos less than his personal best.

Considering such results, there’s high anticipation of Nasar’s bounce-back and showing another mind-blowing total. Karlos couldn’t let the circumstances dictate his performance outcomes and influence his potential.

His unwavering determination, excellent technique, and mental fortitude are driving forces that encapsulate his success. A blend of youthful courage and the maturity of an experienced athlete distinguish Karlos Nasar as a great role model.

The coaching team also plays a crucial role in Nasar’s support and his preparation for the competition. The guidance and experience of his coaches are invaluable in providing strategic advice and emotional support.

Karlos Nasar at WWC 2023 in Qatar WR 2023

The Bulgarian Titan’s Back to Go Out of the Olympic Glory

Speaking about the IWF Grand Prix in Doha, the return of Karlos Nasar after his injury added some intrigue. Moreover, his pre-competition training sessions showcased that he’s at his peak form.

Despite the Snatch session where he finished sixth with 170 kg, Karlos galvanized his results in Clean & Jerk. He fueled his determination and impressed the audience with his weight request of 223 kg. It was obvious that Nasar was ready to set a new record. He made history once again: a new World Record for Juniors and Seniors was set that evening.

His win means that he not just secured the spot for the Olympics, but also he made a statement that he’s back in the great game. He became stronger and more determined than ever and he’s ready to hit the world podium.

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