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Davranbek Hasanbayev won Gold in Snatch In the Men’s 102 kg Category at the 2024 IWF Weightlifting World Cup 

We’re nearing the end of the IWF World Cup in Thailand, and we will soon know with certainty which athletes will be present during the summer Olympic Games.

As we are nearing the final days of the competition, it’s time for the heavyweight categories to begin, and thankfully, the men’s 102 kg didn’t disappoint. 

Davranbek Hasanbayev’s Gold Snatch at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

One big surprise during the men’s 102 kg category was Davranbek Hasanbayev’s win in the Snatch event.

The athlete from B Group, who represents Turkmenistan started the competition very well, lifting 187 kg on his final Snatch attempt, which gave him the gold medal for the lift and put him in a great position for a podium finish.


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Unfortunately, his performance during the Clean & Jerk was nowhere near as memorable, as Hasanbayev managed to lift only 205 kg, which left him outside of the top 10 overall for this lift and destroyed his chances of medaling in the overall ranking for the category. He ended up finishing fifth overall with a total of 392 kg. 

Davranbek Hasanbayev’s Gold Snatch at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

So far in his career, Hasanbayev hasn’t won any major competitions and is still looking to make an impact on the world stage. Given that fact, his performance during this IWF World Cup is nothing short of surprising. 

Our full coverage of the IWF World Cup in Thailand can be found on our blog, so if you’ve missed out on important news and you want to catch up – that’s the perfect place to go. And if you want more visual and behind-the-scenes content, make sure to check out our social media channels and our YouTube channel as well. 

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