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Arnold Spencer Interview: Speaking With USA Weightlifting Coach

Broadening the scope of new acquaintances and friends in the world of weightlifting, this time it was a unique opportunity for our Torokhtiy Media team to interview a great man who cooperates directly with world-famous lifters. What’s more, he produces new names in weightlifting at national and international levels.

Let us introduce you – Arnold Spencer, the USA Olympic weightlifting coach, the founder and head coach of Power and Grace Performance. Having been in weightlifting for 24 years and coaching for more than a decade, Arnold utilizes his personal training system to help athletes make their best efficiently.

We’ve succeeded in talking to him and found unique approaches to his training sessions. Our talk was pretty fruitful and informative, lasting over 40 minutes. That gave us an opportunity to know more about his coaching style.

Having asked more than ten questions we managed to sum up all the data to get his vibe. The key point in his training approach is that Olympic lifts are foundational for overall success in any athletic performance. 


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Spencer believes that no matter if you’re a cross-training, cross-and-field athlete, or a football player, Olympic lifts are the best tool to achieve your personal best. Agree, this sounds unusual and unique, but there’s a strong point in it.

Among the questions we asked Arnold were those referring to his coaching job in general, his training philosophy, and his biggest dream as a coach. 

Knowing that he was a personal coach for such well-known athletes like Jourdan Delacruz, Kate Davis, and Harrison Maurus, we asked him about their pre-competition and Olympic programming, his attitude to calculating 50%-60%-70% load in lifters’ training sessions, velocity-based training, male & female workout plans, and other impressive facts you could manage to get from the first hand personally only.

You’ll learn many more attention-grabbing facts about his coaching experience, exceptional approach, and training routine by watching the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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