2023 WODAPALOOZA Winners: The Complete List (Who took home the crown?)

At the start of 2023, Miami’s Wodapalooza set a high bar for fitness tournaments this season. Elite athletes Paige Powers and Ricky Garard emerged triumphant in the individual division on days 12-13 while Canadian PB & J and Team BPN won out with their team performances respectively over Saturday and Sunday.

More than 2,000 athletes from 50 countries took part in the 11th annual TYR Wodapalooza, held this weekend at Bayfront Park.

Athletes pushed each other to their absolute limits and it all came down to a nail-biting finish — these fitness champions were only separated by a handful points! Who will take home the ultimate prize? Find out today!

The Individual Competition 

The individual competition was a two-day affair that tested athletes’ mental and physical strength with six unique workouts. The workouts were designed to challenge athletes in a range of areas, from gymnastics movements to Olympic lifts. 


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Emily Rolfe had a firm grip on the top podium spot in Miami, but an unfortunate calf tear meant that she was unable to finish event 6. 19-year-old American athlete Paige Powers seized this opportunity with both hands and clinched victory displaying her steady performance throughout, winning events 5 & 6 before finishing 3rd at the final one – cementing her name as the eventual champion of Miami.

With a single point separating the leader and contender Dani Speegle, it all came down to the last two events. In an epic show of strength and determination, Speegle surged ahead with her powerful performance in workout 8 while Cary put on a strong display as Michalyshen saw hopes for victory slip away due to finishing 10th in their final event.

Paige Powers, the Mayhem athlete on a mission to regain her footing in competitive fitness is TYR Wodapalooza’s Elite Women’s winner! After multiple years of dominating teen divisions, she has officially arrived at elite level. She finished with an overall score of 653 points. Second place went to Dani Speegle with 625 points, and third place went to Emma Cary with 530 points.

Elite Women

1Paige Powers653
2Dani Speegle625
3Emma Cary530

It looks like we have a new fitness rivalry to keep an eye on: Ricky Garard and Roman Khrennikov. Justin Medeiros’ absence at this weekend’s competition left the two athletes with no choice but to go head-to-head – little did they know it would be such a close battle! The outcome of their faceoff wasn’t clear until the last event, where Dirty Isabel made all the difference and sealed Garard’s victory against his formidable opponent.

After two days of grueling competition, Ricky Garard came out on top with his impressive performance on every event. He finished with an overall score of 691 points. Second place went to Roman Khrennikov  with 645 points, and third place went to Patrick Vellner with 633 points.

Elite Men

1Ricky Garard691
2Roman Khrennikov645
3Pat Vellner633

The Team Competition

The competition saw more than 20 teams from all over compete in brutal events, show off their skills, and work as a team. 

Despite pre-event predictions of a ferocious showdown between Team BPN’s trio and the Dottirs ft. MOB, no one expected an epic technical tie after seven events at Wodapalooza! All spectators were treated to thrilling performances from both teams; ultimately it was Laura Horvath, Jamie Simmonds, and Gabriela Migala of BPN who came out on top thanks to victories in two competitions compared with just one for The Dottir’s feat MOB – though they ended on a high note by winning the finale event.

Women’s Teams Division

  1. Team BPN — 691 points
  2. The Dottirs Ft. MOB — 691 points
  3. A.K.A Humble Killers — 678 points

Canada’s own Pat Vellner, Brent Fikowski and Jeff Adler produced a powerhouse performance at the Wodapalooza this weekend, overshadowing their closest competitors Team GOWOD by 29 points. Last year’s champions The Boyz—Chandler Smith, Travis Mayer and Noah Ohlsen — were unable to take home the victory again due to stiff competition from other teams.

Men’s Teams Division

  1. Canadian PB&J — 634 points
  2. Team GOWOD — 605 points
  3. The Boyz — 604 points 

TYR Wodapalooza: Payouts

Wodapalooza has awarded over half-a-million dollars in total cash prizes to the world’s top competitors, including 10 elite individuals as well as five elite teams. Moreover, first place winners from both masters and adaptive divisions have received a share of this generous prize pool.

Individual Elite Women:

  1. Paige Powers: $75,000
  2. Dani Speegle: $35,00
  3. Emma Cary: $25,000 
  4. Sydney Michalyshen: $10,000
  5. Emma Tall: $7,500
  6. Sara Sigmundsdottir: $5,000
  7. Elisa Fuliano: $4,000
  8. Andrea Nisler: 3,000
  9. Emily Rolfe: $2,000
  10. Paige Semenza: $1,000

Individual Elite Men:

  1. Ricky Garard: $75,000
  2. Roman Khrenikov: $35,000
  3. Patrick Vellner: $25,000
  4. Brent Fikowski: $10,000 
  5. Cole Greashaber: $7,500
  6. Nick Mathew: $5,000 
  7. Dallin Pepper: $4,000
  8. Alexandre Caron: $3,000
  9. Henrik Haapalainen: $2,000
  10. Tudor Magda: $1,000

Elite Team Women:

  1. Team BPN: $30,000
  2. The Dottirs FT. MOB: $15,000
  3. A.K.A. Humble Killers: $10,000
  4. All American Girls: $7,500
  5. The Girls: $3,500

Elite Team Men:

  1. Canadian PB&J: $30,000
  2. Team GoWOD: $15,000 
  3. The Boyz: $10,000 
  4. Good Dudes: $7,500 
  5. Team Panchik: $3,500

Masters Women: $2,000 each 

  1. Alison Stall 
  2. Andreia Pinheiro 
  3. Stephanie China 
  4. Tea Gebbie
  5. Alexia Fineman
  6. Betsy Vanderburgh

Masters Men: $2,000 each 

  1. Ivan Verdun 
  2. Rudolph Berger 
  3. Jason Grubb 
  4. Cory Dague
  5. Mike Egan 
  6. Patrick McCarty 

Adaptive Women: $2,000 each

  1. Amalia Ortuno Lizano 
  2. Camille Vigneault 
  3. Amy Bream 
  4. Alyssa Kobela 

Adaptive Men: $2,000 each  

  1. Michael Egan 
  2. Casey Acree 
  3. Austin Roth 
  4. Derek Weida 

It was another incredible event at Wodapalooza this year! Congratulations to Ricky Garard and Paige Semenza for their wins in the individual competition and Canadian PB&J and Team BPN for their victory in the team division! We can’t wait to see what next year’s competition will bring! For all you aspiring fitness athletes out there – take these results as motivation – anything is possible if you put in enough hard work!

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