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Strength & Glory: The 2023 Olympia Results

The Mr. Olympia 2023 competition, held from November 2 to 5, once again confirmed the status of the most significant event in the world of bodybuilding. Over the course of several days in Orlando, Florida, the sport’s elite gathered to determine the best of the best. The exhibition included various events, including competitions in the Men’s Classic, Men’s Physique and Miss Bikini categories.

In the bikini category, Jennifer Dorie won the title, beating Maureen Blanquisco, who this time finished on the second step of the podium.

In Men’s Physique – Jeremy Buendia, returning after several years away, despite his four previous champion titles, failed to place in the top 5, but his return was a significant highlight of the competition. For many, Jeremy is the personification of the Men’s Physique it was originally intended to be.

Ryan Terry, showing off his outstanding abs and obliques and a noticeably improved back, achieved a well-deserved victory in the Men’s Physique.


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Even though the division doesn’t require it, his legs looked very powerful and as a result, the very victory that he had been pursuing for so many years.

In the Classic Physics there were no changes Urs Kalecinski was third, Ramon Rocha Queiroz was in second place, Chris Bumstead was again drier, more massive, more proportional, more charismatic – he wins again and this is already his fifth Olympia champion title in the Classic Physics division.

And this despite the problems in preparation. After the victory, Chris said that 10 weeks before the Olympia he injured his lat, and the injury was quite serious, so much so that Chris literally did not know whether he would be able to continue training.

In the open men’s bodybuilding category, the judges awarded prizes as follows: Andrew ‘Jacked’ Chinedu Obiekea of Nigeria received $50,000 for 5th place, Brandon Curry of the United States was awarded $80,000 for 4th place, Samson Dauda of Great Britain earned $100,000 for 3rd place, and Hadi Choopan from Iran was awarded $150,000 for 2nd place.

The winner of the competition was Derek Lunsford, who not only won the title of Mr. Olympia champion, but also received an impressive prize of $400,000.

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Sergii Putsov, Ph.D., is a former professional weightlifter and National team member, achieving multiple medals in the 94 kg weight category at national competitions. With a Master’s degree in “Olympic & Professional Sport Training” and a Sport Science Ph.D. from the International Olympic Academy, Greece, Sergii now leads as the Head of Sport Science. He specializes in designing training programs, writing insightful blog articles, providing live commentary at international weightlifting events, and conducting educational seminars worldwide alongside Olympic weightlifting expert Oleksiy Torokhtiy.

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