What is a Digital Jump Rope?

Jumping rope is a traditional exercise that provides a full body strength and conditioning workout. It’s convenient, easy to do and costs little to get started.

With a wide range of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes using jump ropes, companies are developing ropes that take out most of the hard work using innovative technology built into the handles. These are known as digital jump ropes.

Digital jump ropes use built-in handle technology such as jump counters, timers, and calorie monitors to provide you with on demand feedback that enhances your workout experience. They can be used with or without a rope to perform a variety of great exercises.

Athlete Jumping with Rope in Gym

What is a Digital Jump Rope?

A digital jump rope features the same design as a traditional jump rope with two handles and a rope, whilst providing added benefits using modern technology that's built into the handles.

The built-in handle technology includes timers, jump counters, personalized stats, and calorie counters which are added depending on the digital skipping rope model. This provides the user with a much more intuitive, somewhat easier exercise experience.


Ropeless digital jump ropes provide two handles which give various digital readouts without the connecting rope between them.

They allow you to perform the same workout with the same handle features without worrying about the rope hitting your legs and stopping the workout.

With Rope

Electronic jump ropes that include a rope are exactly the same as normal jump ropes with the digital handles. The rope material is often made of PVC or vinyl and easily adjustable to allow a personalized workout experience.

Digital Jump Rope We Recommend — Te-Rich Digital Jump Rope

The Te-Rich Digital Jump Rope is a fully customizable, digital jump rope that allows you to adapt your workout according to your needs and goals.

The cordless feature provides a no-noise, tangle-free jumping rope for smaller spaces, whilst the traditional rope is easily adjustable without the hassle of using wire cutters.

The handles LCD backlit display gives you a timer, calorie counter, and tracker for the number of laps you complete.

The removable handle weights allow you to customize the difficulty and speed of your rope workout according to what you want to focus on. On top of all this, the rope comes with a handy carry bag and an extra battery.

Digital Jump Rope for Fitness Te Rich

Digital Jump Rope Benefits

The unique digital handle features provide added benefits on top of the ones given from a traditional rope:

Digital feedback

With the wide range of physical measures provided through the intuitive handle, the rope provides you with tangible feedback during exercise, enhancing the workout experience.

This makes digital jump ropes ideal for goal-driven fitness enthusiasts or high-level athletes who need to be more specific with their workout measures.

Versatile use

Due to the feedback provided on the handle, digital jump ropes can be used with or without a rope.

With the cordless feature, you can exercise anywhere without worrying about the rope hitting anything or anyone. This makes the digital rope great for small indoor spaces.

Workout customization 

With some digital jump rope handles featuring removable weights, you're able to customize your workout with little effort. If you want to work on muscular strength and burn some calories, keep the weights in. If you're looking to speed skip or work on conditioning, take them out.

Athlete with Jumping Rope at Sports Ground

Digital Jump Rope vs Speed Rope

Compared to a digital jump rope, speed ropes are designed mainly for speed skipping and double unders. This makes their designs different.

Speed ropes are much lighter than digital jump ropes, with much thinner cable designs which allow the rope to move faster. The handles on a digital rope are much bigger and heavier as they contain the battery needed to power the digital display.

Whilst speed ropes are great for speed skipping, they provide the user with no feedback meaning you need to count yourself or use other devices whilst skipping.

With the added features comes added costs. Whilst digital skipping ropes are much more versatile, they cost a lot more than speed skipping ropes. They are also much harder to store away efficiently when not in use.

Speed Rope We Recommend — WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is an excellent speed rope choice that is well-designed and comes with some extra accessories that make it worth the price.

The thin, durable nylon-coated cable is attached to the contoured urethane handles via a 4 point patented bearing system, giving you a smooth, efficient speed skipping experience.

With the convenient carry bag and extra cable included, you're able to efficiently store the rope away and change the cable when needed at no extra cost.

Speed Jump Rope WOD Nation

Exercises with Digital Ropes

Once you’ve purchased your jump rope with digital counter, here are some common exercises:

Single unders

A single under is the most basic jump rope move to learn. It involves you jumping once whilst the rope goes around your body in one rotation. It counts as one on the digital skipping rope monitor. 

Double unders

A double under is a more advanced jump rope move that requires good coordination and skill. Holding both digital rope handles, the goal is to spin the rope twice around for every one jump.

High Knees

Jump rope high knees is a great exercise that can be used with or without the digital rope cord. It involves either spinning the rope around or using just the handles whilst doing high knees.

Boxer Steps

Boxer steps involve you shifting your weight from one side to the other whilst jumping. They can be done with or without a rope and are a great exercise to develop footwork.


Is the smart/digital rope worth it?

Despite the larger price, smart/digital jump ropes are worth getting. The feedback provided through the smart handles helps you to set realistic goals to work towards, provides feedback on your form and gives you the motivation to increase your skill and fitness levels.

Does Apple fitness have jump ropes?

Apple fitness can track multiple workout modalities including running, cycling and swimming. Whilst Apple is looking to include jumping rope soon, it's not available yet.

Summary — Digital Jump Ropes

Digital jump ropes are designed similar to other jump rope types with added digital features built into the handle. Unlike other jump ropes, they can be used without a cable and with or without weights. This makes them great for fitness enthusiasts looking for extra feedback or athletes wanting to personalize their workout.

Have you used a digital jump rope before? Do you like the feedback they give? Let me know!

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