How to Carry Phone While Running

In this article, I'll teach you how to carry phone while running in a safe and optimal way.

There are several neat running accessories that help you keep your phone with you as you run. They include a running belt, a wrist strap, and an armband among others. If you're wondering how to carry phone while running, any of these accessories will be quite helpful.

Nothing charges the body up like cardio exercises. Cardio keeps your heart healthy and your body fit. It also burns through calories and helps with weight loss. 

Many people use a treadmill or a stairmaster for cardio exercises, but the most natural and perhaps most popular form of cardio is running. While many people need their phones with them as they run, some may not know exactly how to do it. In this article, I'll help show you how to carry phone while running. 

Now let's get into the deep of it…

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Ways to Carry Your Phone While Running 

It's absolutely not easy to run with phone in hand. To run effectively, you need to free yourself from all distractions and focus on running. 

Of course, that's not to say you can't run with your phone. Instead, I'm saying you need help, and the best part is there's plenty of help. 

All you need is where to put phone when running. Luckily for us, there are several running accessories that allow us to take our phones with us when going on a run. Let's have a look…

using running belt

Use a Running Belt 

The first accessory on our list is a running belt. It's a strap with a bag attached that helps hold small personal items so that you can run without any distractions. 

You can use a running bag to hold your keys, a water bottle, or a phone which is our focus in this article. There are different types of running bags depending on what your specific needs are. 

You can get something tough and durable for off-road running, a belt with a water bottle pouch if you do long distance, or something nice and fancy if you just like a casual run to stay fit. It all depends on you!

Some of my favorite pros of the running bag include:

  • They're comfy around your waist
  • They provide you with good pocket space
  • Some are big enough to carry first aid equipment

That said, you might want something smaller, simpler, more straight to the point.

using hand  strap

Use a Hand Strap

If you want something smaller and simpler, a hand strap might be what you need. 

A hand strap is essentially a wallet or pouch for your phone that has a strap you can fit your hand through to hold it. 

It's a much simpler accessory than a running belt and just as effective for holding your phone, albeit no keys or water bottle. When in the market for a hand strap, there are some things you want to look out for, including:

  • Is the hand strap the right size for your hand?
  • Is it the right size for your phone?
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it allow you to use headphones?
  • Will your phone be safe if it falls as you run?

These are all questions that you must go over and answer when getting a hand strap.

Use a Sports Bra

For women, a sports bra can be a handy place to store your phone while on a run. I understand you might have concerns about having a phone that is close to your breasts, but there are sports bras that eliminate this worry with an ingenious design that puts the pocket at your upper back, just below your neck. 

So you can have your phone on you throughout your run without carrying any extra accessory or worrying about putting your phone in the wrong place.

Some sports bras even have more than one pocket so you can carry along other small items like your wallet.

using sport bra

Use a Phone Wallet and Clip

Another neat accessory you can use when running with your phone is a phone wallet and clip. It's a similar idea to the hand strap except this one comes with a clip instead of a strap. 

So you can tuck your phone in and clip it securely to yourself. It's handy if you don't want to get a new sports bra but like the idea of your phone hanging on your back. 

You can also attach it to the waistband of your joggers or shorts. Some brands offer you a magnetic clip to make it even more secure.

Use an Armband

Fifth on our list is a phone armband. Quite similar to the phone wallet and clip and the hand strap, the armband features a pouch for your phone that you can wrap around your biceps. 

The major difference between all three of these is what part of your body you attach it to. This can come handy if you're using a fitness app, tracking your performance, or enjoying some music as you run. It gives you ready access to your phone without having to stop and open anything.

using running shorts

Use Running Shorts

There are some special running shorts or tights that come with pockets designed to hold your phone. These pockets are the only way you will be comfortable while running with phone in pocket. 

You don't have to buy any extra accessory with this option. It's simple, safe, and blissfully convenient.

Put It in Your Race Pack

A race, or hydration, pack is essentially a backpack for running so you know it gives you as much space as you need for not just your phone, but other small personal items too. You can carry a water bottle, a wallet, your keys, even an elephant if you want. 

A race pack doesn't just let you carry your phone comfortably and safely though, it's also good for your running. According to Shane Benzie in his book, The Lost Art of Running, when you load one hand more than the other, it spoils your symmetry and could cause imbalances that would affect you over time. A race pack is the perfect solution to that problem.

That said, you want to make sure the pack doesn't make you hunch over while running. Don't get too eager and pack all your belongings the first time. Start small, learn proper running form, and grow into it until it feels like there's nothing on your back.

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What Not to Do

Now you know about these ingenious ways of carrying phone while running. 

There are some common practices that you should stay away from, either because they reduce the value of your running experience or are dangerous to you. Let's have a look…

Keep Your Phone Close to Your Breasts

I already mentioned this, but keeping your phone close to your breasts for long periods of time can eventually be bad for you. If you don't have a sports bra or a phone wallet and clip, it's best to keep your phone away from that area. 

Putting your phone in your bra could lead to a number of uncomfortable situations. The sweat from your cleavage could damage your phone, the bulk of the phone might get uncomfortable, and there's always the risk of unhealthy radiation from your phone.

Keep the Phone in Your Pants

I've seen some people stick their phone in the waistband of their pants as they go for a run. Don't do that, it never works. As clever as it might seem, the constant movement coupled with gravity will eventually have your phone sliding down through your pants. 

Even if you're not wearing something wide enough for your phone to get to the ground, it's quite uncomfortable running with a phone inside your pants. You'll have to stop and go through some trouble getting it out while enduring confused glances from those around you.

athlete running with phone

Tape the Phone to Your Inner Thighs

Another practice I've seen that you need to avoid is duct taping your phone to your inner thigh. While that may seem like a great idea when you're about to set out, you will regret it when it's time to take off the tape. 

That aside, the extra bulge of your phone will likely rub against your other leg, and that will cause chafing. You don't want that.

Keep the Phone in Your Sock

I'm chuckling to myself as I write this part. Do not keep your phone inside your sock around your ankle area, especially if you're wearing compression socks. 

The socks will press your phone into your leg so tightly that you'll eventually start feeling uncomfortable. Run with it long enough and you'll find an imprint of the phone in your leg when you take it off.

Put the Phone in Your Pocket

Don't put your phone in your pocket while you run, especially if you're wearing something free. 

unning with phone in pocket is not ideal because your phone will bounce as you run. At best, this is quite discomforting. At worst, your phone could fall out.


How do runners carry their phones?

The best way to carry phone while running is to have a safe place to keep it, and you have a number of options. There are different accessories you can use to hold your phone while running. I've listed some of them out for you in the article.

Will running with my phone damage it?

If you don't keep your phone properly while you run, you stand the risk of damaging it. For example, if you holding phone while running, there's every chance the sweat in your palms will at best cause the phone to slip and at worst cause your phone to malfunction.

Is it okay to run with my phone in hand?

If you're using a hand strap, yes, it's okay. Otherwise, your phone will eventually become an inconvenience as you run, and your sweat might put your phone at risk too. So if you must hold it in your hand, use a hand strap.


So you now know how to run with your phone. You've learnt about different running accessories that you can use to keep your phone as you run. 

So the next time you go out to run, whether it's for a morning jog or training for an upcoming marathon race, feel free to take your phone with you. But do it right.

Now it's your turn to talk. What kind of runner are you? Which of the running accessories piqued your interest the most? Is there anything you think missed? I'll be waiting in the comments…


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