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Young Powerlifter Temur Samkharadze Sets European Deadlift Record of 389 kg

Powerlifting has been going through some significant positive changes lately. This also applies to junior powerlifting, which is currently enjoying immense popularity due to the work of the new executive board of directors. We want to remind you that in 2023, the European Junior and Sub-Junior Classic Powerlifting Championship took place. What made it so different from all the other competitions that people are still talking about it?

It concluded on October 17th in Budapest, but most spectators are still discussing it with genuine enthusiasm. This happened because the audience knows that the future of powerlifting is in the hands of the strongest champions who showcased all their efforts in these youth competitions.

Let’s take a look at a young powerlifter from Georgia, who has been the king of the 120-kilogram weight category for three consecutive years. We’re talking about Temur Samkharadze. He not only secures top positions in the European Junior Championships but also achieves truly remarkable results in the form of open records. Recently, he set a European open record in deadlifting with a weight of 389 kilograms.

An attempt by Temur Samkharadze to set a record

Obviously, his already impressive track record in sports has made him one of the leaders right from the start of the competition. In his very first attempt, he managed to lift 350 kilograms, which was enough for him to secure victory, but he chose not to stop there.


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In his second attempt, he lifted a European record weight of 389 kilograms. Unfortunately, he couldn’t lift it perfectly on his second try, but in the third attempt, he did it flawlessly, establishing himself as the record holder in this competition.

One of the photos of Temur Samkharadze taken by paparazzi

The previous record in this weight category belonged, ironically, to Temur Samkharadze himself. He set it in 2023 at the IPF World Championship, reaching 388 kilograms in deadlift among juniors.

It may seem like he’s been in professional sports for only a short time since 2021, but he’s already achieving outstanding results that even seniors would envy. Out of eight sanctioned competitions, he managed to win six, which is a remarkable accomplishment.

We’ll be keeping an eye on his impressive track record and hope that he can follow in the footsteps of Jesus Olivares. Will he be able to challenge the master in the future? We’ll have to wait for years to see the athlete’s development unfold, but it promises to be a fantastic show.

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