Wodapalooza 2024 Day 2: Events Recap & Leaderboard Results

Day 2 of this year’s edition of Wodapalooza meant the end of the competition for the Elite Individual groups. The athletes had to do two separate workouts, the first of which combined various types of cardio, including jump rope, running, swimming, and biking. 

Both the Women’s and Men’s Individual competitions featured two heats and saw tons of strategies, with some of the competitors choosing to run barefoot on the treadmill after coming out from the water. 

Let’s check out all that unfolded in the recap below.

Elite Individuals Event 4: Recap & Leaderboard

The fourth workout was designed to be “For Time,” and the athletes had to perform the following: 


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  • Echo Bike – Men: 50 calories/Women: 40 calories
  • Swim
  • 150 beaded double-unders
  • Swim
  • Assault Run – 500 meters 

In the women’s field, Emily De Rooy proved to be the best of the bunch in the first heat, with her swimming background showing itself during that part of the workout. Emily Rolfe was the first one to get off the bike in heat 2 but couldn’t manage to hold off the Australian Grace Walton, who competed in swimming at the national level. 

In the end, Grace Walton managed to capitalize on her swimming experience and won her first event at the Wodapalooza with a sub-14-minute performance. 

On the men’s side, the first heat was definitely more challenging as multiple athletes slipped on the barge while heading for the swim. Out of the bunch, Henrik Haapalainen was the first to finish, hoping that his good result would stand after the second heat finished. However, that wish didn’t last long as James Sprague practically sprinted through the workout and finished with the only sub-13-minute time for the day. 

Men’s Leaderboard

  1. James Sprague — 12:46.88
  2. Brent Fikowski — 13:03.34
  3. Samuel Kwant — 13:08.32
  4. Roman Khrennikov — 13:14.15
  5. Ricky Garard — 13:32.00
  6. Spencer Panchik — 13:54.75
  7. Henrik Haapalainen — 13:56.38
  8. Luke Parker — 14:08.10
  9. Guilherme Malheiros — 14:33.57
  10. Samuel Cournoyer — 14:35.31

Women’s Leaderboard 

  1. Grace Walton — 13:48.59
  2. Emma Cary — 14:07:52
  3. Emily De Rooy — 14:14.00
  4. Emily Rolfe — 14:15.91
  5. Gabriela Migała — 14:23.94
  6. Arielle Loewen — 14:33.00
  7. Christee Hollard — 14:34.45
  8. Danielle Brandon — 14:43.25
  9. Sydney Wells — 14:52.53
  10. Elizabeth Wishart — 15:04.87

Elite Individuals Event 5: Recap & Leaderboard 

The final workout for the Elite Individuals was called “El Circo,” and it would ultimately decide the winners in both the men’s and women’s divisions. It consisted of kettlebell exercises and gymnastics skills. For time, the athletes had to: 

  • Buy In: Mixed Grip Kettlebell Lunges 90 feet – Men: 53 lbs/Women: 35 lbs 

Into three rounds: 

  • Rope climbs – first rep seated
  • 18 Toes-to-bar
  • 90-foot Handstand Walk
  • Buy Out: Mixed Grip Kettlebell Lunges 90 feet

After several minutes of a tough battle, the women’s competition was decided by one second, with Emma Cary taking the win, just edging out Danielle Brandon for the top spot. On the men’s side, the competition was not as competitive, as Brent Fikowski managed to get the number one place for this workout, finishing 20 seconds faster than second-placed Ricky Garard. 

Men’s Leaderboard

  1. Brent Fikowski — 08:36.75
  2. Ricky Garard — 08:54.52
  3. Samuel Cournoyer — 08:58.15
  4. Spencer Panchik — 09:05.10
  5. Guilherme Malheiros — 09:05.65
  6. Patrick Vellner — 09:08.46
  7. Samuel Kwant — 09:16.09
  8. Evan Rogers — 09:16.32
  9. Harry Lightfoot — 09:23.28
  10. Luke Parker — 09:25.72

Women’s Leaderboard 

  1. Emma Cary — 08:03.20
  2. Danielle Brandon — 08:04.28
  3. Gabriela Migała — 08:50.90
  4. Arielle Loewen — 09:01.71
  5. Rebecca Fuselier — 09:11.08
  6. Freya Moosbrugger — 09:14.87
  7. Elizabeth Wishart — 09:15.06
  8. Andra Moistus — 09:15.59
  9. Julia Hannaford — 09:31.50
  10. Lexi Neely — 09:45.70

Final Results & Takeaways 

After two days filled with many workouts, rain changes, and many other obstacles, Emma Cary and Ricky Garard were crowned the Elite Individual champions after showing the most consistent performances throughout the competition.

For Emma, this is her first Wodapalooza win after finishing third last year, and Gerard is now crowned champion for the second year in a row – a fantastic achievement, to say the least.

With that said, the Wodapalooza 2024 is not finished, and over the course of the next two days, we will see how the Elite Teams competition unfolds with our individual champions competing there as well. 

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