Tuan-Hien Tran sets World Record Raw Deadlift of 307.5-kg

Witnessing the triumph of a young athlete surpassing boundaries is always exhilarating. Tuan-Hien Tran, hailing from Canada, showcased his exceptional prowess at the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Junior Powerlifting Championships (WJPC) in Cluj Napoca, Romania, on August 29, 2023.

Despite his relatively short time in the powerlifting scene, Tran has demonstrated remarkable growth. Stepping onto the international stage for the first time, he not only shattered the IPF Junior world record in the deadlift, initially set at 288 kilograms (635 pounds), during his second attempt, but he also surpassed expectations with a final lift of 307.5 kilograms (678 pounds) to claim the Open world record.

For his historic Open world record raw deadlift, Tran adopted a wide sumo stance, gripping the barbell so narrowly that his hands almost entirely nestled within the knurling. His double overhand hook grip was unwavering, enabling him to maintain his hold on the smooth portion of the bar.

Tran’s determination was evident as he conquered the challenging pull, displaying the exertion on his face. He awaited the judge’s signal before gently placing the barbell on the platform, punctuating his accomplishment with an exultant leap.


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Results of the 2023 IPF World Junior Powerlifting Championships — Tuan-Hien Tran (CAN), 66KG


190 kilograms (419 pounds)

190 kilograms (419 pounds)

205 kilograms (452 pounds)

Bench Press

112.5 kilograms (248 pounds)

120 kilograms (265 pounds)

120 kilograms (265 pounds)


270 kilograms (595 pounds)

288 kilograms (635 pounds) — New Junior IPF Equipped World Record

307.5 kilograms (678 pounds) — New Open IPF Equipped World Record


632.5 kilograms (1394 pounds)

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