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Tom Stoltman Triumphs at 2023 Giants Live World Tour Finals in Glasgow with 210 kg log Lift

Once again, in Scotland, the final of the Giants Live world tour took place. It concluded on October 21, 2023, and was clearly dominated by a Scottish strongman, Tom Stoltman. Perhaps the familiarity of his homeland played a part in his brilliant victory. At the very least, the audience present at the competition was loudly cheering for him alone. He achieved an impressive score of 54.5 out of 60, securing a solid win for himself.

Tom Stoltman is at one of the strength competitions

The Scottish athlete made an early mark in the very first event, the Max Log Lift. He managed to lift a 210 kg log, a feat no other participant could match. This accomplishment propelled him to the top of the tournament leaderboard. In the second event, the Sandbag Steeplechase, Stoltman, thanks to his speed and agility, completed the course in just 29.92 seconds. He missed having a round number by only 8 hundredths of a second, securing his second consecutive victory.

Mathew Ragg, World’s Strongest Man finalist

The third exercise didn’t favor the Scottish favorite. In the bench press, Mathew Ragg took the lead. This New Zealand athlete lifted 350 kg eight times, while Stoltman managed to do it only seven times. Incidentally, Mitchell Hooper achieved the same result.

The third exercise was not the last where Tom Stoltman was clearly not the favorite. In the fourth event, Conan’s Wheel, Mathew Ragg excelled once again. He managed to spin the beam over 845 degrees, and Mitchell Hooper, who also did well in the previous exercise, achieved 841 degrees. Tom Stoltman had a modest result of 618 degrees compared to all the other performances.


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The final event, the Castle Stones, reaffirmed Stoltman’s dominance. He loaded all five stones, weighing up to 200 kilograms, in just 19.23 seconds. This impressive performance secured his victory in the competition.

This win marked Stoltman’s first international competition victory in over a year, his last being at the 2022 World’s Strongest Man competition. With this triumph, it’s clear that Stoltman is determined to continue winning, not just in major competitions but also in other tournaments. Strongman fans can certainly look forward to more stellar performances from him in the future.

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