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Mattie Rogers Interview

Mattie Rogers Interview

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We have known each other for years. We first met in 2017 at the fitness exhibition IHRSA in Orlando where we arranged a symbolic battle at the ELEIKO location.

It was a wonderful experience: we decided to improvise and arrange a competition with Mattie. On the first day, we did the snatch, and on the second – the clean & jerk. 


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Just for intrigue, she had a 100-kilo head start. As a result, our performance gathered a huge crowd cheering and supporting us. Of course, the victory was for the hostess of the platform – Mattie Rodgers.  Watch the whole version of our fight on my YouTube channel.

Since she is really bright and charismatic, it is always a pleasure to watch her. Moreover, she has made significant headway at international competitions in the last 3-4 years which makes her even more noticeable among American and foreign fans. 

In my opinion, Mattie Rogers is one of the most famous female weightlifters on the Earth. Perhaps, her fame may be compared only with a renowned Olympic champion Lidia Valentin.  

Just like many successful american weightlifters, Mattie used to do cheerleading and gymnastics before strength training. She tried fitness at 17 and broke into the TOP young and promising athletes right away. After 2 years of consistent Olympic weightlifting training, she had her first international success – bronze medals at the Junior Pan American Championship. Her debut in the adult competition was at the Worlds in Huston, 2015, where she finished in 14th place. But she has been making consistent progress and grabbing some medals at every championship since 2017. 

Mattie showed a wonderful performance and significant result at the Worlds in Tashkent, 2021: 

Snatch: 104 kg 107 kg 110 kg – bronze medal

Clean&Jerk: 132 kg 132 kg 136 kg – silver medal

Total: 243 kg – silver medal

What do you think about your performance in general? 

M.R. I would say that it was good. This time I didn’t manage to show a new or the best total but I’m really happy that I won 3 medals, no matter which ones. It is the 4th world championship where I finish with medals so I’m sure, me and my team are on the right track. 

The first two snatch attempts were perfect, what happened in the last one? 

M.R. Perhaps, I was too worried – a lot of emotional pressure. Once the bar passed the knees, I felt how my shoulders went backward and understood that “oooh nooo”, it was my mistake again. As to the weight, I could and need have lifted it, but let it be. 

How do you feel about the clean & jerk? 

M.R. Well, I failed the first attempt but luckily I didn’t lose consious. Once I cleaned the bar, I knew it already because everything went vague in front of my eyes. I hoped that in a few seconds it will be well again but weightlifters will understand me: when you are standing and waiting hopefully but the circle is going more and more narrow… But it didn’t baffle me, I pulled everything together and did my best in the second and third attempts.   

Did the coaches tell you that the third attempt was decisive and you would win a medal in case of a good lift? 

M.R. We didn’t have a strict plan on the weights for different attempts – we just watched the competition pace. I knew only those details that were crucial. Yes, my coach told me before the last attempt: “If you lift it, we will have a medal.” But I didn’t know which one exactly.  

What plans do you have? 

M.R. Have a rest, recover finally. I didn’t have any rest after Tokyo Olympics at all, we continued intensive preparation for this world championship. So now I want home and not to see and touch a bar for at least one week. 

Wish her success, progress, and the MOST gold medals at all competitions!

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