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Katherine Nye rapidly broke into the world weightlifting elite, winning a silver medal at the Junior World Championship in 2018. After that, in 2019, she has won in the new weight category of 71 kg in the Pan-American Championship, the World Junior Championship and the adult World Championship in a row. Meanwhile, her winning total was increasing with the each following competition. But it cannot be said that all the victories came without any difficulties: each of those starts was not easy in its own way and required a lot of strength and energy to win! In this article read about how Katherine lives, trains, and what she dreams about! 

Can you tell us about your sport background before WL and how did you start WL?

I was a gymnast for 11 years prior to weightlifting. I quit when I was 15 years old and started fitness training shortly thereafter. Soon after finding fitness, I fell in love with weightlifting by the time I was 17.

2019 was a rich medal year for you. What does it take to compete on the top level? 

To be at the top level, I have had to sacrifice a lot of things like school, work, volunteering, etc. so I could focus 100% on weightlifting. You have to eat, sleep, and breathe the sport and want success more than anything else.

Was it hard to compete on the WWC this year with your teammate nearby?

Not at all! Mattie and I have competed together multiple times and I think it’s really motivating for us to push each other. It has been great for the progress in our weight class domestically.

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How does your ordinary training routine look like?

I train 6 days out of the week with 8 training sessions. Each day requires about 3-4 hours of solid training along with recovery modalities on my own time.

What do you like and do besides WL training?

I really like to travel and explore new places. I obviously don’t get to do (recreational) traveling often because of my weightlifting schedule, but that’s something I want to do a lot after this quad! I also like playing with my dog and cooking.

What type of recovery do you prefer?

I like working with a physical therapist for massages, Rapid Reboots, TENS units, and my Hypervolt. Prehab and Rehab routines are really big for me too!

The best Kilos you have ever lifted?   

Snatch – 113 kg

Clean and Jerk – 138 kg

Back Squat – 185 kg

Front squat – 150 kg

Pull – 160 kg 

What do you like the most in a training process?

I like high intensity: heavy singles, doubles, maxing our complexes or squats)

What do you hate the most in a training process?

I don’t like the last couple of weeks in a volume block when I feel like my body is falling apart, but I also don’t like deloads. It’s a vicious cycle!

Funny stories or fuckups at the competitions? 

At my second competition ever I power cleaned (lol) and when I went to jerk, it was going behind me and I didn’t really let go. So I went down with the barbell and landed right on my butt.

In your interview to Bar Bend you said that visualizing helps a lot. Do you recommend this drill to everyone? 

100%. You have to see and believe a lift in your head to be fully confident in your ability to attempt it. Even a bit of self doubt can negatively affect your performance.

Your advices to beginners?

“Work like hell, you’ll get there”

I don’t know where this quote is from but I love it. This sport is very monotonous and to succeed, you have to put your head down and grind.

Trusting the process and never giving up is a huge factor as to if you’ll make it in this sport of weightlifting.

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