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Justin Medeiros Took 2nd Place at the USAPL Holiday Hoist Powerlifting Competition 

You probably know Justin Medeiros as the two-time Fittest Man on Earth and one of the best cross-training athletes on the planet.

However, you will likely be shocked to learn that recently, Medeiros competed in a US powerlifting competition and managed to win second place in the Raw Open Men’s 90 kg division. 

About Justin Medeiros

Justin Medeiros is known for being one of the fittest people on earth, as he claimed the accolade “Fittest Man on Earth” twice in 2021 and in 2022. His performance at the event this year was his worst ever, and he finished the competition in 13th place, which shocked many in the community.

After he couldn’t really achieve the desired results, he took a break for a while and then seemingly returned to functional fitness training. However, two days ago, on his YouTube channel, Medeiros uploaded a video titled “Powerlifting Prep,” which shocked his fans as he announced that he was preparing to enter a powerlifting competition – namely, the USAPL Holiday Hoist.


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Powerlifting Prep // 1 Week Out – Justin Medeiros recent video

In the video, Justin talked about programming his workouts and including powerlifting-style training sessions into his routine in preparation for the meet. He discussed his goals – to get over 300 lbs (135 kg) on the bench and over 600 lbs on the deadlift (271 kg), while also going in-depth about the difference between lifting while doing functional fitness and focusing specifically on powerlifting.

Finally, he promised to show the results and a video from the competition meet, which will be out this upcoming Friday. 

Justin Medeiros

Holiday Hoist Powerlifting Competition 2023 – 90 kg Results

The event he competed in is a powerlifting competition hosted in Meridian, Idaho, which is part of the US Powerlifting Federation’s calendar and one of the last events they will host in 2023. Medeiros finished second in his category, lifting 232.5 kg in the squat, 137.5 kg in the bench press, and 272. 5 kg in the deadlift for a total of 642.5 kg, which is a fantastic result for someone who has not previously competed in the powerlifting.

In the top 3 in the Raw Open 90 kg division, the winner was Collin Gole – a not particularly popular powerlifter who managed to lift 20 kg more in total than Medeiros with a 230 kg squat, a 147.5 kg bench press and a 285 kg deadlift for a total of 662.5 kg.

The bronze medal went to Kade Ashby – another lifter, who got a total of 257.5 kg, which is about 50 kg lower than his personal best

90 kg Squat Results 

  1. Justin Medeiros – 232.5 kg
  2. Colin Gole – 230 kg
  3. Kade Ashby – 220 kg

90 kg Bench Press Results

  1. Kade Ashby – 150 kg
  2. Colin Gole – 147.5 kg
  3. Justin Medeiros – 137.5 kg

90 kg Deadlift Results

  1. Colin Gole – 285 kg
  2. Justin Medeiros – 272.5 kg
  3. Kade Ashby – 257.5 kg

Other Athletes Have Followed a Similar Route 

This is not the first time we’ve seen an athlete who’s competing in one sport mix things up and add new challenges to their programming – just recently, we talked about Laura Horvath – the fittest woman on Earth, who had a result good enough to make the top 6 in European weightlifting in the 76 kg and proved to be one of Hungary’s best weightlifters, even without specializing in the sport.

Laura Horvat
Laura Horvat, photo by @laurahorvaht

Justin seems far from such an achievement. Laura Horvat lifted 215 kg in total and conquered Nationals with record-breaking performances in the Olympic weightlifting world, but Justin`s desire to compete and improve just shows he’s getting ready for future challenges. 

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