Joya Khairallah Sets U52KG IPF Raw Junior World Record

The 2023 IPF World Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic Championships commenced on August 24th in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and despite being in its early stages, the competition has already witnessed remarkable feats. Among these awe-inspiring displays of strength, Joya Khairallah has emerged as a standout contender, leaving an indelible mark on the event by shattering not one, but two Junior IPF World Records in the Deadlift & Total categories.

Competing in the raw division of the 52-kilogram weight class, Joya Khairallah shared the platform with an array of impressive athletes. Yet, among the formidable competition, it was Joya who stood tall. Though another athlete came close, Joya emerged victorious in all events.

Approaching her final deadlift attempt, Joya Khairallah was well aware of her division triumph. However, this knowledge didn’t dampen her determination to etch her name in history by breaking the Junior IPF World Record. The existing benchmark, set by Giulia Grechi, stood at 182.5 kilograms (402.3 pounds), established at the 2021 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

In her bid to surpass this record, Joya Khairallah opted for a 183.5-kilogram (404.5-pound) final deadlift attempt. With a focused sumo stance and a mixed grip, she solely relied on a lifting belt, the sole permissible equipment in the raw division. Overcoming a moderate challenge, her triumphant lift concluded with an exultant, resounding scream of accomplishment.

Joya Khairallah’s Full Performance

Born in 2001, Joya Khairallah stands as a proud representative of Lebanon, securing a coveted gold medal for her nation at the 2023 IPF World Juniors and Sub-Juniors Classic Championships. Despite her exceptional overall performance, Joya encountered initial challenges, failing to complete two of her squat attempts. Nevertheless, her prowess shone through in the bench press and deadlift events.


Unsuccessful — 147.5 kilograms (325.2 pounds)

147.5 kilograms (325.2 pounds)

Unsuccessful — 152.5 kilograms (336.2 pounds)

Bench Press:

95 kilograms (209.4 pounds)

97 kilograms (213.8 pounds)

Did Not Attempt


177.5 kilograms (391.3 pounds)

180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)

183.5 kilograms (404.5 pounds) — Sets U52KG IPF Raw Junior World Record


428.5 kilograms (944.7 pounds) — Establishes U52KG IPF Raw Junior World Record

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