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Heather Connor (47 kg category): The Unstoppable Powerlifting Sensation 200 kg of raw deadlift

You’ve all probably heard about Heather Connor. This is a strongwoman in deadlifting in the 47 kg category. She is famous for breaking the IPF world record in the raw bench press five times. Over the course of several years, she added an incredible 25 kg to her record.

At the Malta 2023 World Classics Championships, she broke her record in one day. That time, she added 15 kg to her overall result. In general, it turned out that she lifted 200 kg of raw deadlift in the 48 kg category. This is an absolute world record, which could not help but excite the world community.

Heather Connor’s past record

Lately, Heather Connor has significantly stepped up her training, as evidenced by her official Instagram page. She has already increased her bench press from a record 200 kg to 207.5 kg. This is as much as seven kilograms more than the world record she set.

Heather Connor Training Session

She always approaches the bar with due respect, shouts her catchphrase “Let’s go”, and does what she has to do without any doubt. There are whole clips on the Internet of her stunning ascents, which are added to the epicness with the help of appropriate soundtracks.


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She is the obvious dominant deadlifter in the lightweight women’s division. We can say directly that she has no equal at the moment in her weight category. The maximum weight that was lifted before her was 190 kg. She has already outgrown this category and is constantly improving, even though she is already 32 years old.

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