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2024 Britain’s Strongest Man Roaster

On January 27th, we will all be monitoring this year’s edition of Britain’s Strongest Man (BSM), which will be held at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield, England. It will feature 14 of Britain’s top strongmen and is the kickoff for this year’s Giants Live Tour. 

The most notable names that we will be able to see in action include Tom Stoltman – two-time World’s Strongest Man; Luke Stoltman – 2021 Europe’s Strongest Man; and last year’s British champion, Adam Bishop. It’s safe to say that with such renowned names, the competition is going to be more than exciting, as it will be a tough battle to claim the title of Britain’s Strongest Man.

Who Does the Full Roaster Include?

As per official sources, the entire line-up for this year’s Britan Strongest Man includes:

  • Conor Curran – 2023 Scotland’s Strongest Man
  • Kane Francis – 2023 Strongman Champions League World’s Strongest Viking Champion 
  • Sean Gillen – 2023 Ireland’s Strongest Man
  • Gavin Bilton – 2023 Strongman Champions League Serbia Champion
  • Paul Smith – 2023 UK’s Strongest Man
  • Mark Felix – 2020 UK’s Strongest Man Runner-Up 
  • Shane Flowers – 2023 Strongman Champions League England Champion
  • Paddy Haynes – 2023 England’s Strongest Man Bronze Medalist
  • Graham Hicks – 2019 Britain’s Strongest Man
  • Luke Richardson – 2023 England’s Strongest Man
  • Pa O’Dwyer – 2018 UK’s Strongest Man
  • Adam Bishop – Last Year’s Champion
  • Tom Stoltman – Two Time World’s Strongest Man
  • Luke Stoltman – 2021 Europe’s Strongest Man
Britain’s Strongest Man 2023, photo by Giants Live

Recap of the 2023 Britain’s Strongest Man

To win it all last year, Adam Bishop had to win three out of the five events in total. The competition included Power Stairs, Viking Press, Car Walk, Deadlift Ladder, and Loading Race. Bishop managed to win the Power Stairs, Car Walk, and Deadlift Ladder and gained 53.5 out of the 60 possible points, which ended up being enough for the gold medal. 


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Gavin Bilton was the runner-up with only 3.5 points less – finishing with 50 overall and the bronze medal went to Graham Hicks, who scored 48 points, all of which speaks volumes about the intensity and level of last year’s Britain Strongest Man. 

This year, we expect the competition to become even more intense as more notable names in the world of Strongmen enter the roaster. 

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