2024 TYR Wodapalooza: What We Can Expect in 2024

On January 11th, 2024, one of the biggest off-season events in functional fitness is expected to kick off, and that’s the TYR Wodapalooza. The event hosted in Miami, Florida, is always incredibly entertaining, showcasing a plethora of incredible performers while also giving opportunities to scaled competitors, masters, teams, and even adaptive athletes.

As the date of the competition is coming closer, let’s recap all that we know to expect from next year’s edition. 

2024 TYR Wodapalooza
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What to Expect At the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza?

1. Rules & Prize Money

This year, we will be seeing new divisions compete, namely masters and teams. Additionally, the champions of the Latin American throwdowns won’t be competing here but in the LatAm Cup, which is held at the same time.

To add more news, TYR Wodapalooza has partnered with the PFAA and will be placing particular emphasis on athlete safety, as well as providing guidelines that ensure fair play. For the functional fitness community, this is the first time a major event will partner with the PFAA. 


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In addition, this year’s prize purse will increase by $ 67,000 and be more evenly distributed between the top and bottom-placed athletes.

2. Workouts

So far, we know about three of the individual workouts and one of the team workouts, but more are being released as the day of the start comes closer. “Cortadito” is one of the WODs that individual athletes will face, and it includes muscle-ups, parallel bar dips, and a barbell movement.

“Deja vu” is the name of another workout that consists of three parts – two AMRAPs and one for time, all with the same movements. Finally, we have “Double or Nothin’,” which is essentially a snatch complex. 

For the Teams competition, we know one of the workouts will be “Worm Fran,” which has worm thrusters and several pulling gymnastics moves. There’s also the “Uno Dos Tres,” which has synchro double-unders, barbell work, and a few bodyweight exercises such as the handstand push-up and walk.

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3. The Competitors (Incomplete List)

So far, we haven’t gotten the finalized roaster, but we do know some of the big names that are set to complete. So far, the list includes:


  • Brent Fikowski
  • Ricky Gerard
  • Pat Vellner
  • Gui Malheiros
  • Travis Mayer
  • Nick Mathews


  • Emily Rolfe
  • Dani Speegle
  • Olivia Kerstetter
  • Sydney Wells
  • Arielle Loewen


  • Go WOD (Justin Medeiros, Jay Crouch, Willy Georges)
  • Ombre Hombres (Tola Morakinyo, Noah Ohlsen, Chandler Smith)
  • Golden Oldies (Will Moorad, Travis Mayer, Pat Vellner)

Here, we have to note the fact that Pat Vellner and Travis Mayer are set to compete in both individual and team events, which is both impressive and challenging, to say the least. So far, on social media, other athletes have been hinting that they’re possibly competing as well, including Alex Gazan and Ellie Turner, who are set to compete in both the team and individual events.

As we learn more about the competition and on the days of the event, we will keep you informed with more articles like these, so make sure to follow our blog. Additionally, our social media profile and YouTube channel are another great way to catch up with the latest news in the world of weightlifting and functional fitness.

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