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2024 Arnold Strongman Classic Preview: What You Can Expect To See

This year’s Arnold Sports Festival is set to start in just a few days at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

From the 1st to the 3rd of March, fans all over the world will be able to see some of the best Strongmen and women in the world compete and enjoy a ton of fun events at the same time. 

Mitchell Hooper
Mitchell Hooper, photo by @mitchellhooperstrongman

Strongman Event Schedule

For the Strongman competition, the events begin on the 1st of March, when we will be able to witness the Elephant bar deadlift and the Timber carry. On the next day, the competition is set to conclude with three events: Dinnie Stone Carry, Apollon Wheels, and Stone Medley.

The athletes fighting for the title of Arnold Classic Strongman this year include last year’s World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper, the legend of the sport Hafthor Bjornsson, along with Oleksii Novikov, who’s won every major competition for Strongment, and Britain’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman, as well as many other famous competitors. 

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Strongwoman Event Schedule 

The Strongwoman’s schedule is pretty similar to that of the Strongman, with the only difference being the events. On March 1st, we will see some of the strongest women in the world battle it out on the Elephant Bar Deadlift and the Timber Carry (like the men), but on the second day, they will participate in Jack Stone Carry, Monster Dumbell and Stone Medley, a slight difference compared to the challenges for the men.

When it comes to famous names, you can expect to see Rebecca Roberts, who was crowned World’s Strongest Woman last year, as well as the 2022 winner Olga Liashchuk.

In addition to the two main events, fans will also be able to enjoy additional activities such as the Rogue Record Breakers and the Iron Game Tailgate. And for those who will be at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Rogue will be hosting a showroom event, as well as a garage sale. 

Britain’s Strongest Man 2023, photo by Giants Live

As the competition unfolds over the weekend, we will be updating you with the results on our blog. As always, for more weightlifting content, you can also follow us on YouTube and on our social media platforms

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