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2023 Ultimate Strongman World Championships Results

The Ultimate Strongman World Championships concluded on September 23, 2023, allowing us to examine the outcomes. This event featured a diverse array of athletes who delivered commendable performances. Looking ahead, we anticipate the forthcoming Ultimate Strongman World’s Strongest Nation 2023 competition, which will see the participation of male teams competing in the 105kg division.

Emanuel Pescari's
Emanuel Pescari’s performance – winner of the Ultimate Strongman World Championship

Results of the 2023 Ultimate Strongman World Championship by Countries

Ukraine – 34 points

Czech Republic – 25.5 points

France – 22 points


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Germany – 19.5 points

England – 15 points

Austria – 15 points

Denmark – 9 points

Results of the 2023 Ultimate Strongman World Championship

Men’s U105KG Division

Emanuel Pescari (Austria) – 105 points

Przemysław Marczewski (Poland) – 95.5 points

Thomas Owens (England) – 90.5 points

Nicholas Hain (USA) – 87 points

Matthew McKigan (Ireland) – 85 points

Norbert Schwarz (Czech Republic) – 81.5 points

Matt Williams (Wales) – 80 points

Benjamin Machala (Slovakia) – 77 points

Ruben Van Kreij (Netherlands) – 66.5 points

Tim Krubi (Germany) – 54 points

Lucas Ferjanc (Slovakia) – 53 points

Joey Henraat (Netherlands) – 53 points

Erin Spoiala (Austria) – 46 points

Chaba Kontash (Hungary) – 43.5 points

Jason Woods (New Zealand) – 40.5 points

Michael O’Connor (USA) – 37.5 points

Chris Gjerlevsen (Denmark) – 37.5 points

Christoph Karle (Germany) – 37 points

Thomas Steinacher (Austria) – 36.5 points

Ryan Naylor (United Kingdom) – 36 points

Lukas Scheer (Austria) – 36 points

Christopher Harrison (England) – 30.5 points

Casper Bekken (Norway) – 21 points

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Master Men U105KG Division

Johnny Vasichko (USA) – 16.5 points

Christian Janke (Germany) – 13.5 points

Chris Kolenberg (Netherlands) – 10.5 points

Sergey Kapustin (Ukraine) – 7.5 points

Men U90KG Division

Filip Zaichek (Czech Republic) – 40 points

Folker Bauer (Germany) – 37.5 points

Shimon Peplinski (Poland) – 34 points

Richard Stout (USA) – 31.5 points

Benjamin Donin (France) – 30.5 points

Stefan Schüssler (Germany) – 27 points

Radoslav Ferjanc (Slovakia) – 22 points

William Clark (England) – 22 points

Hannes Drescher (Germany) – 19.5 points

Pavel Ishchenko (Ukraine) – 4 points

Women U82KG Division

Sina Schramm (Germany) – 10 points

Jessica Noyes (Germany) – 5 points

Women U63KG Division

Sammy Mayhew (Scotland) – 25.5 points

Joelle Pecchi (USA) – 24.5 points

Emma Wilson (United Kingdom) – 22 points

Lyudmila Tsyvun (Ukraine) – 11 points

Ivonne Kleinjohann (Germany) – 8.5 points

Heidi Lehmann (Germany) – 3.5 points

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