Why Are Kettlebells so Expensive?

Kettlebells are one of the three types of free weights used for strength training. They're especially effective for building explosive power, cardio health, and general fitness. That said, they can be quite expensive, but not without reason. So why are kettlebells so expensive? Join me as I answer this question…

So why are kettlebells so expensive?  The high cost of the materials used to make kettlebells, the cost of the material used for coating, demand and supply dynamics due to the rarity of kettlebells in the market, and the value of the kettlebell brand you'd like to purchase are all significant factors in the high cost of kettlebells.

Now for the long version…

Kettlebells So Expensive

Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive?

There are several factors that affect the price of every product, and kettlebells are no different. So to understand why they're so expensive, we first need to understand the factors and how they play in. These are some of them…

Cost of Production

The first thing that affects the cost of any product is the cost of the materials used to produce it. The most durable kettlebells are made from cast iron, and unfortunately for our pockets, it's quite an expensive metal to obtain. Being that cast iron is the main material used to produce kettlebells, it would only make sense that the final product is expensive too. 

In addition, the production process is quite technical. The weight distribution, shaping, and coating of the kettlebell are all difficult to master. This all affects the final cost of kettlebells.


Some people don't understand the importance of coating on a kettlebell. Some even assume it's all for aesthetics. Proper coating, however, is essential for any quality kettlebell. It helps protect the kettlebell from rust, chipping, making too much noise. The more expensive the material used for coating, the more expensive the price of the final product. Chrome, urethane, and powder coat are all examples of effective types of coating. 

Demand and Supply

Demand and supply is another reason why kettlebells are expensive. Kettlebells are much rarer than their free weight counterparts and are quite desirable for many people. This means the demand is more than the available supply. If you remember high school economics, that means the price will go up in the market.

So you might notice dumbbells have a lower cost per unit weight than kettlebells despite being made essentially from the same material. It's in demand and supply.

kettlebells group


Another thing that influences the cost of kettlebells is the value of the brand. Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings are more expensive than those from new, unknown brands. This is because Kettlebell Kings have built a reputation of topnotch quality over a long time. The bigger the reputation of a brand, the more expensive their products will get. So you're not necessarily paying only for a kettlebell, you're paying for the assurance of quality that Kettlebell Kings offer.

Of course, it's possible to get a kettlebell from a cheaper brand that will serve you well enough, but that's a risk. They haven't built a reputation for quality yet, so we just don't know. This is why lesser known brands cost less than bigger brands. You pay for the assurance of quality.

Cheap Kettlebells vs Expensive Kettlebells

So is there any difference between cheap kettlebells and expensive ones? Is it really worth it spending the extra money to go for the expensive kettlebells?

Materials Used

One major thing affecting the kettlebell's price is the materials used to make it. On one hand, expensive kettlebells are made using cast iron and finished with urethane or powdercoat, among other options. On the other hand, cheap kettlebells are made with lower grade material such as plastic or rubber.


Like I've already mentioned, expensive kettlebells are made mostly from cast iron and finished either with powdercoat or urethane, among others. This combination of materials makes the kettlebell super strong and durable. The iron itself is a strong material, and the coating will protect it from rust or chipping. A cheap kettlebell is a far cry from this.

Cheap kettlebells are made from materials that are not as strong such as rubber. This means as you do your kettlebell workouts, wear and tear is more likely to get through them than the expensive ones.

Durability kettlebells

Ease of Use

Another problem I've noticed among many cheap kettlebells is that the handles aren't as comfy as with expensive kettlebells. As small as that sounds, grip plays a big part in making your lifting experience either fulfilling or frustrating. 

Also, many cheap kettlebells are not as heavy as they claim to be. Many of these cheap producers don't put in enough effort to ensure that the kettlebells are up to standard.

Our Recommendations 

As critical as I've been of cheap kettlebells, there are few that are good enough for use. In this section, I'll recommend one expensive kettlebell, and one cheap kettlebell just in case you're on a budget.

Expensive Kettlebell

REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells are my top recommendation. They offer a ton of value: they're durable enough since they are made from cast iron and have matte coating. Such a powder coating brings excellent grip that makes these gears highly versatile. You won't regret buying these kettlebells as they are worth every penny spent.

There's a great variety of kettlebell sizes that fit men and women of different fitness levels and experience in weight training. Depending on the size, a kettlebell has its own color code that simplifies finding a proper kettlebell during the workout. You get a wide choice from 9 lb to 106 lbs.

Due to the premium quality and used technology, the kettlebells features smooth handles that are comfortable to grip and perform different exercises such as kettlebell swings, thrusters, snatch, goblet squats, etc.

REP Fitness Matte Kettlebells

Cheap Kettlebell

If you're on a budget, the LB Cast Iron Kettlebells from Titan Fitness are my top recommendation. Also made from cast iron, these kettlebells are built to test your limits. They come with wide loop handles and a flat base to give you the best experience whether you're lifting or doing push-ups. With weights ranging from 10 to 100 pounds, it's safe to say your lifting needs will be well catered for. Titan Fitness have also added a one year warranty to give you an assurance of quality. 

LB Cast Iron

This might not be as expensive as the Kettlebell Kings product, but it offers a ton of value.

LB Cast Iron Kettlebells


Are Kettlebells Worth the Investment?

Absolutely, yes! Kettlebells are worth the investment because of the awesome benefits of using them to workout. The extra quality and durability offered by the expensive kettlebells is also totally worth it.

Are Cheap Kettlebells Worth It?

There are things you must look out for if you're to buy a cheaper kettlebell. Like the one I've recommended, it should be made with quality material and come with a warranty. Anything below my recommended cheap kettlebell and you risk getting an unreliable product.


Kettlebells are awesome for training and working out. They can, however, be quite expensive because of the materials used, the rarity of kettlebells on the market, or the value of the brand you're after. That said, expensive kettlebells are totally worth it, and I've recommended two kettlebells for you depending on your budget.

Now it's your turn to talk to me. Have you used kettlebells before? Do you think expensive kettlebells are worth the money? Is there any question I forgot to answer? Talk to me in the comments.


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