Giulia Miserendino Interview (April 2023, after European Championship)

Giulia Miserendino is promising Italian weightlifter. During the last few years she became famous due to regular high international achievements and exciting posts in her Instagram.

In 2019, at the European Youth Championships she won a gold in total in the 64 kg weight class. In 2021, she became the silver medalist at the World Junior Championships. In 2021/22, she won Junior Europeans.

Last week in Yerevan, at the European Championships 2023, in the 71 kg w/c Giulia won a silver in total. In the snatch she got a silver medal with 105 kg, and in the C&J she won a bronze with 125 kg.

Giulia Miserendino

The next day we had a chance to ask her few questions:

Congratulations with the first SIlVER medal in total at the Senior Europeans! Are you satisfied with this result?

G.M. Yes, I am very happy about this result, because competing for the podium of the Europeans was for me a challenge, due to the BIG caliber of my rivals. 

This time I definitely wasn't in my top shape, but I put all my effort in this performance. All happened as it happened. Next time I will try to lift more of course.

You are from a sports family, so Olympic weightlifting was your destiny?

G.M. I started Olympic weightlifting because my father and sister did it, that was my way as well. Earlier I did classic dance and gymnastics, but once I found Olympic weightlifting at the age of 13 - it was love from the first sight.

Giulia Miserendino childhood train
Giulia Miserendino as kid

How does it feel to be an international sports celebrity? Does it create discomfort in daily life and training? 

G.M. Of course I get a lot of compliments and I like to be noticed and I can see that I am sort of an influencer in the world of Olympic weightlifting. At this moment this does not bother me at all, furthermore I am happy that I can be an example for someone. 

Is there any chance to see your magnificent smile when you are lifting?

G.M. There is no chance to see me smiling during my session or competition, because I am totally focused and concentrated on my movement. So it doesn't make any sense for me at this moment.

Your best ever lifts?


  • Snatch - 110 kg
  • Clean & Jerk - 131 kg (in training)
  • Front SQUAT - 147 kg
  • Back SQUAT - 160 for 2, 175 for 1 rep

Giulia Miserendino Back squat

Is it true that at the worlds in Colombia you started to cry when you snatched 110 kg?

G.M. It was a big success for me, because before 110 kg I snatched 107 and this weight was almost my limit in my mind, but 110 was so light and that is why it brought me so many emotions. 

During your weightlifting career did you have any funny accidents?

G.M. Yes, this is about me, especially when I was a kid. I could forget at home my weightlifting shoes or singlet and then I had to borrow it from someone. 

Now I definitely way more organized, but this kind of stuff can happened sometimes.

Giulia Miserendino Preparation

What are your weaknesses for now? What is your priority to improve?

G.M. My opinion is that my technique in Snatch is better now than in C&J. So my plan is to improve both and to be more competitive and stronger at the next competition!

WBCM Giulia Miserendino Lifting

What will be your answer for people who say that Olympic weightlifting is not for women?

G.M. My answer is - take a look at the top female weightlifters Instagram and make your own conclusion. My opinion it is just a myth, because we are beautiful, feminine and have amazing body shape. 

 What are your sports dreams? 

G.M. I want to qualify for the Olympics 2024, I dream about constant result progress and pushing myself closer to the Loredana Toma level. 

My goal is to have similar achievements someday.

WBCM  Giulia Miserendino Arms mobility

What does your life look like outside of the gym? 

G.M. I try to follow a healthy lifestyle, control my body weight. My regular day routine is gym and home. My attitude is calm life in between crazy traffic in Rome)) 

There are some rumors that you and Nino Pizzolatto are a coupleโ€ฆ

WBCM Giulia Miserendino Backstage

G.M. Oh no, noโ€ฆ this is not true!!!

What are the main life rules and advice from Giulia?

G.M. Always enjoy and have fun in life.

Strive to do your best without worrying, and you will experience the greatest satisfaction.

Sergii is a professional weightlifter and National team member in the past. Competed in 94 kg w/c, won multiple medals on national competitions.

Nowadays Sergii is responsible for designing training programs, writing blog articles, doing live commentary of international weightlifting competitions, running different sport & fitness educational seminars, including Olympic weightlifting together with Oleksiy Torokhtiy all around the globe.

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