Justin Estes

Justin Estes

Coffee Consultant

  • 7 Years Specialty Coffee
  • Founder of Financial Bestes, LLC

About Justin

Justin Estes is an acclaimed finance writer, coffee consultant and fitness enthusiast based in Charleston, SC. He holds BS degrees in Finance and Accounting, fueled by several daily espresso shots.

Over 7+ years, Justin has cultivated specialty coffee expertise through roles spanning barista, trainer, roaster production assistant, competition judge, and brand strategist for leading companies. He thrives when connecting people over amazing coffee experiences.

In addition to coffee, Justin has emerged as an authoritative voice on investing, fintech, and financial literacy topics. He founded Financial Bestes, LLC, which produces high-impact content and digital campaigns for global wealth management groups, major banks, and publications like Forbes.

When not writing or brewing, you can find Justin playing lead guitar in the Carls, a punk rock band based in Charleston, SC.


BS degrees in Finance and Accounting
Torokhtiy Certified [Olympic Program]

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