Fitness and Sport Editor



Full-time / Part-time

Job Description:


We’re looking for a qualified and attentive-to-details editor who will help us to create first-class content. This specialist will be responsible for checking the quality of the written texts and will be in close cooperation with SEO specialists, writers, and project managers.

The editor’s main duties will include:

  • editing and proofreading the content for our website and blog
  • rephrasing the texts to make them easier to understand for readers
  • checking and verifying the scientific facts
  • conducting primary research on the given topic
  • vouching for exceptional quality of the written content by correcting grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling, etc.

We guarantee that you won’t get bored with us since our position of an editor isn’t just like a common one. You’ll get constant professional development and you’ll be able to improve your expertise in the niche of Olympic weightlifting dominantly, by improving your background in fitness and nutrition.

Hours / Amount of Work

You are free to set your own hours, but we need at least 1-2 edited articles per day. Each post for editing will be between 1,000-4,000 words.


Payment is made per article, not for the exact number of words or per word. Please, specify your typical rates per article


  • This job requires you to be extremely fluent in English. I will only consider applicants from native, bilingual, or very fluent English writers.
  • Experience in editing engaging content.
  • Ability to do comprehensive topic research.
  • Ability to deliver on time.

What We Aren’t Looking For:

  • Editors with poor English and writing skills;
  • Editors who can’t manage their own time;
  • One-time editors (I’m looking for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation).

If you are interested in this position – feel free to join our team!