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Monika Marach Interview

Monika Marach is a young (18 y.o.) and very cute Polish weightlifter. Last year she won the European Youth championship in the 64 weight class and also she is the current U-17 World Vice-Champion. This spring she had a very successful debut at the senior European Championship in Albania in the 71 weight category.

Her result was:

Snatch - 99 kg - SILVER

C&J - 116 kg - 6-th place

Total - 215 kg - BRONZE

Monika Marach Prize

Photo by @__trufelek__


We had a chance to chat with Monika.

How it all started in your life and why weightlifting?

I started weightlifting at the age of 8. Why? I fell in love with this sport from the very first training. 

Monika Marach Child
Child Monika Marach

At the gym, I feel that I am realizing myself and achieving my goals. And the most important thing in life is to set goals and pursue them.

Monika Marach Kid
Kid Monika Marach

Is Olympic weightlifting your full time job?

Yes, weightlifting is a full-time job for me. I set everything up for a sports life and I devote myself 100% to it.

Tell us about your training system, day schedule and your coach? 

My trainer, Sławomir Zawada, is a bronze medalist at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. 

Sławomir Zawada

He is very demanding and requires great precision and hard work from me. This is my motivation. 

Monika Morach with Coach
Coach with Monika Morach

My schedule and training plan depend on the preparation period I'm in at the moment. Before important competitions, he trains using the 2/1 system, which is 9 training sessions a week. In the looser preparation period, I train 6 times a week. Each training session lasts 2 hours.

What will you say to people who believe that Olympic weightlifting is not for girls?

We live in such times that strength training for women is becoming more and more popular and accepted. 

Monica Morach with Barbell

Photo by @__trufelek__


I believe that it is a sport for everyone and shapes both the figure and the strong character.

Is Olympic weightlifting growing in Poland now? How does Crossfit influence that?

I believe that weightlifting in Poland was much more popular in the past than it is today. But we're slowly coming back to the track Weightlifting has been appreciated by many people for some time and the positive health benefits of the sport are recognized. I think it's largely due to the crossfit that has become very popular in the world. 

Your IG page looks great. Do you think it is important nowadays to develop social media for athletes?

The development of social media nowadays is very important. We are noticed by various businesses & companies who want to help us financially through various types of cooperation, and in return we can promote them in our media.

What are your favorite exercises and why?

My favorite exercise is snatch, it requires great precision in technique and I feel comfortable with it. 


I also like back squats, I think a strong leg is my advantage.


Tell us about your lifting and tech weaknesses? How do you work on it?

My weakness is the jerk, since I can remember I have fought with it. I try to consistently strive for its perfection. I strengthen my upper muscles through various exercises. I think that greater physical strength will come with age, because I am a young athlete.

Best Snatch, C&J, Back Squats?

Snatch - 99 kg

Clean and Jerk- 116 kg

Back squats - 155 kg

What is your dream PR and future plans?

My plans for the future are to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. 

Monica Marach Squats

And in the future, win a medal at the Olympics. My dream records are 120 kg in snatch and 145 kg in clean and jerk. And in the near future, maybe this year a snatching - 102 kg, and a C&J - 120 kg.

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  • Dr. David Dahlenburg

    Just reviewed all your reels on social media and congratulate you on your achievements, and that you have your family with you. You are too pretty to be sticking out your tongue in photo sessions, though. Keep working. You look great!

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