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This product includes biomechanical and video analysis of an athlete’s technique using latest computer technologies, which helps to determine mistakes in motion and give the recommendations how to correct them and improve skills.

BASIC video analysis includes biomechanical and video computer analysis (Video Analysis tab for more info) of one of the chosen movements: SNATCH or CLEAN&JERK. This analysis is based on the information received from you: videos of sets and answers to the questions. We analyze this information using latest computer technologies.

After purchasing this product, you will have access to your personal account on the website where you will be asked to fill in the athlete's profile (Requirements tab for more info) and attach video files with your lifts, 3 videos of one of the exercises, SNATCH or CLEAN & JERK. You can provide competition and training VIDEO FILES with at least 80% intensity of your best result in this exercise. Please note, in order to provide you with a high-quality analysis of your technique, we highly recommended to follow the video requirements so that we get the proper view of your sets on the record. The result of the analysis of your technique and recommendations depend on the quality of the video material you provide.

Data processing and preparation of recommendations will take up to 5 business days. As soon the analysis and recommendations are ready, all information will be sent to you via e-mail.


Information we will need:

  • First Name, Last Name*
  • Country*
  • Contact Email*
  • Which metric units do you use? (kg/ lbs)*
  • Age*
  • Height*
  • Bodyweight*
  • SNATCH (competition / training)
  • CLEAN&JERK (competition/ training)
  • Training experience*
  • Do you have any injuries?*
  • Do you have blocks in the gym? (yes/ no)*
  • Do you have racks in the gym? (yes/ no)*
  • Do you have any medical conditions i should know about?
  • What is your goal? (fun/ competition)
  • Any additional info about you

* required

Video upload requirements

  1. 3 videos of one exercise for BASIC. We can provide with analysis of any weightlifting exercise at your request
  2. Angle of record and height. Size of each video should not exceed 250mb, and picture resolution should be at least 720HD. All body parts should be visible on the video during the lift.
  3. For a full and high-quality analysis, video of lifts in the intensity zones starting from 80% and higher is necessary.

Training session example

@BAR/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@30%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@40%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@50%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@60%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@70%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@75%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@80%/ 3 sets * 3 reps - record this one

@85%/ 3 sets * 3 reps

@90%/ 3 sets * 3 reps - record this one as well

@92-100%/ 3 sets * 3 reps - record this one

Video computer analysis is being successfully used for a long period of time in Olympic weightlifting. This method is used in competitive and training process. There are a lot of programs that make possible to analyze the movement of the barbell and the athlete on video and process the data on their movement in space.

Having this information, expert coaches perform the biomechanical analysis and give their recommendations on correction of the technique and training process.

Biomechanical analysis of movements always starts with the definition of various characteristics of a moving body and recording the mechanical characteristics of movements.

Mechanical characteristics are divided into two groups:

Kinematic mechanical characteristics describe the external picture of movement and have following subgroups:

  • Space: coordinates, movement, trajectory;
  • Time: duration, tempo, rhythm;
  • Space-time: speed, acceleration.

Dynamic mechanical characteristics provide information about the causes of occurrence and changes of movement, how the types of energy change during the movement and the process of energy change. Dynamic characteristics subgroups:

  • Inertial: human anthropometry and things moved by athlete;
  • Strength: peculiarities of interaction of body links and other bodies;
  • Energy: characteristics of system states.

Characteristics we use for video analysis

  1. Kinematic characteristics

    Snatch and Clean

    • height of the lift at max v, cm;
    • maximum height of the flight, cm, % of height;
    • height of fixation phase of the barbell, cm, % of height;
    • maximum speed of the barbell’s flight, m/s.

    Jerk from the chest

    • depth of squat in the active deceleration phase, cm,% of growth;
    • the maximum speed of the barbell in the phase of directing it, m / s;
    • maximum height which the barbell reaches when directed, cm, % of height;
    • height of fixation of the barbell in the supporting dip phase, cm, % of height.
  2. Analysis of the movement trajectory

    Snatch and Clean

    • trajectory of the barbell in the first pull phase;
    • deviation of the trajectory after the final acceleration phase;
    • peculiarities of performing the fixation phase.

    Jerk from the chest

    • trajectory of the barbell in the dip and jerk phases;
    • peculiarities of fixation phase.
  3. Time and space characteristics

    • time for performing the exercise from the moment of start to the end of the fixation phase or the supporting dip;
    • peculiarities of the movement of body biological links during the exercise performance;
    • features of the “athlete-barbell” system interaction.
  4. General analysis of movement, classification of mistakes and causes of their occurrence.

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