Thumb Tape Pack (4, 8, 12 rolls)

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About the product

  • PROFESSIONALLY Designed by Olympic Champion Oleksiy Torokhtiy. The weightlifting tape improves grip during lifts and prevents skin injuries.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION hookgrip tape. This CrossFit tape protects thumbs, palms, nail beds and provides relief on raw patches of skin
  • TEARABLE & STRETCHY. Tear by hand weight lifting tape and wrap around thumbs, palms, wrists for excellent protection during hook grip.
  • EXTRA ADHESIVE. Sticky lifting tape provides a great amount of flexibility for your thumb. Stays on even during the most intense workout routines.
  • SAFE&NATURAL: 100% cotton for ultimate thumb comfort. This elastic liftting tape absorbs chalk and sweat. Non-allergenic. No residue left.

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