Notice the positive changes in 21 days.

The Snatch MasterClass Challenge is a 21-day long course of completing the theoretical & practical part under my (strong and compassionate) leadership.

Start: January 5, 2022 

Finish: January 26, 2022

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✓ On January 5, 2022 be ready with your Body and Mind to START the challenge

Learn theoretical lessons and run through control exercises

You meet and get to know other MasterClass participants, swap your experiences, support each other

On January 26, 2022: summarizing the MasterClass Challenge. 


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* A purchase of the Snatch MasterClass is not a 100% guarantee of certificate issuance.

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What is the minimum required equipment needed to complete the course?


✔ 15-20 kg weightlifting bar

✔ 2,5 kg - 25 kg weightlifting plates

✔ Jump Box

✔ Squat Rack - optional

✔ Weightlifting Straps - optional


My ONLINE SNATCH MASTERCLASS CHALLENGE is the world’s first 21-day program dedicated to studying the Olympic Snatch technique. A 100% online course that gives you the opportunity to connect from any spot on the globe without the need to be physically present in the gym.

How long does the ONLINE SNATCH MASTERCLASS CHALLENGE last, and what kind of results should I expect?

The duration of the Challenge is 21 days. By the time you complete all of my carefully designed theory & practice tasks, you should be able to perform SNATCH, the Olympic weightlifting movement, safely and correctly.

How good will the Snatch Masterclass make me?

In my seminars, I’ve seen athletes complete a full Snatch after a full day of theory and practical lessons (approx. 10 hours). This Snatch MasterClass is based on the progression I use in my seminars, but I modified it slightly for you to have a much deeper understanding of physical movements and theory. That is why it should take you approximately 3 weeks to complete the entire program.

What is a certificate? What benefits will I get from it?

An athlete receives the Snatch MasterClass Certificate once they complete the 21-day Challenge, provided that they pass all the practical test tasks. The tasks (aka homework) will be announced by me along the way and based on the studied materials.