Apr 19-29
Ukraine, Kyiv, Olympic Training Center
YOU are welcome to join us at the WARM BODY COLD MIND TRAINING CAMP this summer! Where else can you get a chance to live for 2 weeks in the heart of the Olympic weightlifting "manufactory", where the steel strength, immense power, and adamant will were tempered from 20 years of hard work?
In the very center of the forge... where many champions honed their skills!
A very common question is: "What will my competitive preparation look like?". The best and only way to understand the preparatory process is to attend the training camp, where you can learn to understand yourself and become intimately familiar with the weights we use.
It doesn't matter if you are only a beginner or a pro athlete, the training program will accommodate your individual level.
Language: ENGLISH. In this way we'll have a chance to share our thoughts and experiences together.
During my 16 years of training, I have spent over 80% of my time in training camps, and there is no better way to understand it, feel it, breathe it and live it.

If you have any questions, ask Aleksey