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Train Like A True Olympian With Our Advanced Weight Training Programs

You know you’re ready to take the next step and take up advanced weight training. I bet you’re facing two unfortunate issues here. One: although more and more people choose weightlifting as their recreational activity, it’s still considered an “elite” sport, with not that many training manuals available to the general public. And two: not that many coaches have dealt with advanced Olympic weightlifting programs in their career, hence, lack of proper training methodologies.

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But worry not, I’ve got a solution.

As a two-time Olympian, winner of numerous European & international championships, I’ve decided to further promote and broaden the appeal of weightlifting and its benefits. Coaching has become an important part of my life. I welcome and appreciate the opportunity to positively impact the lives of my fellow athletes and clients, male and female, who, in turn, entrust me with their health and dreams. Based on my decades-long experience as a weightlifter, I’ve developed close to 30 training programs. So if you are a pro looking for an advanced weightlifting program and some fine-tuning, you’ll find it here. I am not exaggerating when I say that thousands of TOROKHTIY GANG members all over the world are happily using my weightlifting routines and schemes.

What can you expect after choosing one of our programs?

  • A sharp focus on the aspect of your choice: gaining strength, explosive strength, flexibility, speed, etc.;
    • additional schemes for training in the offseason, powerlifting and bodybuilding;
    • building a broader exercise and skill “database”;
    • pure enjoyment! Because why do it at all if there’s no fun in it?

    Please note that my advanced Olympic weightlifting programs should be used by athletes who are already experienced in weightlifting and have developed a proper technique. After all, this MY training routine! We do offer some great options for those who are relatively new to the sport, though.

    Are you ready to pump up your skills and choose a challenging new training plan? Check out our advanced weightlifting programs!

    Please Note:

    • This is a digital product, no physical product will be shipped
    • Your training program is included in the interactive PDF
    • Mobile versions of some programs are also available 
    • Plan 7-10 recovery days before starting any new training program

    Kindest regards,

    Oleksiy Torokhtiy