SPEED CYCLE (5 weeks)

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Training level: intermediate and higher

5-week program (25 sessions included)
created to develop SPEED in SNATCH and C&J

provide neuromuscular adaptation

increase coordination and explosive skills

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

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Everyone knows that strength and speed are competing qualities: if you become stronger - you become slower.
That's why in weightlifting, balance between these two qualities is important when training.
Experience and analytics give an opportunity to see and understand the main problems and limiting factors of athletes progress.
There are 2 problems:
emphasis on the development of strength and total disregard for the development of specific mobility
The result is a feeling of having power in reserve, but being an able to apply it appropriately both during acceleration and fixation of the bar.
During the development of the SPEED TRAINING PROGRAM, I focused on increasing speed, by including speed-strength exercises, as well as special exercises for developing balance, improving coordination, and increasing stability in a deep squat.
The training program for speed is consist of 5 weeks and 5 sessions per week. The main task of the program is to increase the general power of the athlete, utilizing specific technical elements for speed improvement. One day of the speed endurance training is devoted to technical work. The volume of reps and sets is HIGH, however the intensity is MEDIUM. For the purpose of mastering speed, I have excluded heavy lifts (90% or more) from the cycles.

Intermediate and advanced lifters;
Functional fitness athletes or other athletes who want to develop speed in Olympic lifts;
Off Season athletic development.

Duration 5 weeks (25 workouts)
Designed for MALE / FEMALE (Intermediate and advanced)
PDF format + Video Lab access
English language format

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