PULL & SQUAT CYCLE (6 weeks)

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This 6-week weightlifting program is made to improve your results in the the SQUAT and PULL exercises, which will be needed for building a new PR in the Snatch and C&J.

6-week program (30 sessions included)
created to improve Squat & Pull strength

volume: High

intensity: Average

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

PDF format (Desktop and mobile version)

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PULL & SQUAT CYCLE is built on the basis of a methodical approach whose goal is the integrated development of the athlete’s leg and back muscles strength achieved by pulls and squats.
The program consists of 6 weekly training microcycles with 5 workouts per week. Majority of the work focuses on pulls and squats, but Snatch and C&J are also used to activate “the feel” of the muscles during those moves and working in a more dynamic mode. The volume is HIGH, the intensity is AVERAGE.
We recommend this program for men and women during the off-season or as the base strength stage before beginning the main preparation for a competition.

DURATION: 6 weeks (30 sessions)
GOAL: To improve Squat & Pull strength
GOOD FOR: Weightlifters and functional fitness athletes, intermediate and above
PERIOD: Base / Off-season
FORMAT: PDF (Desktop and mobile version)
BONUS: FREE video library access

NOTE: For personal use only.
NOTE: Training Programs are Non-Refundable.

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