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For the more advanced athlete.

If you’ve been involved in physical training for a while now, or if you know the basics and want to go further, the PRO option is for you!

More involvement from us means better results for you.

The personal training program is designed on the basis of the athlete's personal data. The program consists of 4 weeks and includes up to 6 training sessions per week.  Each workout includes a WARM-UP, MAIN PART and COOL DOWN — thus, you get a balanced experience in terms of volume and intensity.

Since doing too much or too little can be a real roadblock to success, this option includes weekly correction of the program based on the results of the previous week, where the AMATEUR option does not. For the Pro option the cover letter is written weekly, taking into consideration the results of the previous week. For more precise control of results and technique the PRO option includes 3 "control" exercises, that should be recorded and sent back to us for analysis. In comparison with the AMATEUR option, PRO includes recommendations for recovery and QUESTIONS/ANSWERS sessions available at the end of each week.

Before buying the program, please refer to the reference table to review the three different program choices.

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