Schedule of my seminars

Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
Group 3 Barbell
November 13-14


Nobody can teach Olympic weightlifting in just a few days, but the main objective is to share my 16 years' of experience in this sport during a 2-day workshop.
The experience of victories and fails, mistakes and discoveries, various ways of learning and training, all of which I have learned from my coaches and teammates.
A very common question is: "What will my competitive preparation look like?". The best and only way to understand the preparatory process is to attend the training camp, where you can learn to understand yourself and become intimately familiar with the weights we use.I have structured the program of the workshop in the following way:
first, all the athletes watch me performing the fundamental exercises,
then we study the biomechanical basis of the Olympic weightlifting exercises,
During my 16 years of training, I have spent over 80% of my time in training camps, and there is no better way to understand it, feel it, breathe it and live it.and only then do we proceed to practice, paying attention to every movement and linking them to form a complete one.
I believe this integrated approach is the most effective and efficient way to hone one's skills.
I want to share my knowledge and experience in order to help athletes avoid these mistakes that I have made along my sports path. It will give you the opportunity to learn Olympic weightlifting safely, enjoying the workouts and weights for years to come!

If you have any questions, ask Aleksey