Weightlifting Straps V-shaped (3 options)

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These v-shaped straps are best for easier fixation and usage when working with the bar. They are more narrow and lie down evenly in hand and on the bar. Just 1.5 mm (around 1/16")  thick  and 30 mm wide (1 3/16").  As always, great quality, 100% polyester, very enduring composition and colors thanks to dye-sublimation printing: train hard, wash freely, colors won’t fade.

What’s also special about these straps, is that you can adjust them for more comfortable usage. Two seams hold straps together in the middle and in the end, to allow for two usage scenarios:

  1. as is
  2. to prevent bending and flatten the strap on the bar just rip the middle seam.

Bonus - Aleksey Torokhtiy 2011 pre-Olympic training program on the back side

Proudly made in Ukraine. 

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