NUTRITION - FEMALE muscle gain

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- an easy and understandable format;

- both contextual and visual information;

- balanced for effective nutritional improvement;

- based on the real life nutrition programs for Olympic weightlifters;

- includes detailed instruction, compiled by a doctor-dietician.


To use this program you should weigh not less than 43 kgs (95 lbs)


Please input your weight

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the nutrition plan is designed for one month period and can be extended by up to 2 more months

- a complex PDF template that offers a complete nutrition program for muscle gain;

- the menu is designed for women around the athletes' body weight;

- balanced according to the energy expenditure and recovery processes developed for Olympic weightlifting;

- based on years of experience built from national team preparation;

- the program is designed for athletes who have regular training sessions;

- additional graphic statistics provided in the program help participants better understand the qualitative composition of food, the proper balance of nutrients, and their dosage;

- detailed instructions on the use of the program will ensure the effective achievement of goals;

- includes frequently asked questions with detailed answers from the doctor-dietitian;

- participants take the full responsibility for the type of program they order. In case of an erroneous order, we do not provide refund or exchange. All sales are final.


✔ Barbell

✔ Bumper Plates

✔ Squat Rack


✔ GHD (optional)

✔ Rubber bands

✔ Blocks (or you can use weightlifting plates)

✔ Plyometric Box (recommended/approx. 20-24 Inch)

✔ Straps

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