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4-week weightlifting routine to build muscle mass.

Training level: intermediate and higher.

4 week program (20 sessions included)

provide neuromuscular adaptation
good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes
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The training program consists of 4 weekly microcycles, which I recommend doing twice. Each weekly microcycle consists of 5 training days: 4 main days and 1 recovery day. On the recovery day, any kind of low-intensity cardio workouts (rowing, biking, jogging) and a complete high quality stretching regiment are recommended.

The workout routine for muscle gain contains a significant number of special weightlifting exercises aimed at power construction, as well as the technical elements developing together with the improving of the overall performance. The training workload is high, the intensity is average.

The main task of the muscle gain workout plan is to build muscle mass, mainly due to accessory exercises. The programs effectiveness largely depends on the athlete’s responsibility when it comes to training process, sleep, nutrition and recovery.

I recommend you to try the NUTRITION GAIN program in order to facilitate the gaining process. If you purchase the workout plan for men to build muscle and nutrition programs together, you will receive a special price offer.


- intermediate and advanced lifters;

- functional fitness athletes or other athletes who want to gain muscle mass, develop strength and olympic lifting technique;

- off season athletic development.

*For personal use only. 

Training Programs are Non-Refundable. 


✔ Barbell

✔ Bumper Plates

✔ Squat Rack


✔ GHD (optional)

✔ Rubber bands

✔ Blocks (or you can use weightlifting plates)

✔ Plyometric Box (recommended/approx. 20-24 Inch)

✔ Straps

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