WL4CF is an intense and challenging 10-week weightlifting program designed specifically for those who want to integrate Olympic weightlifting with CrossFit training.

The main goal is a NEW RESULT in the SNATCH and CLEAN & JERK.

The program can be used as a stand-alone plan, or bolted on top of your current CrossFit training.


All funds from the program's sale will be donated to the

  Voices of Children's Charity Foundation.

 Help us make the world a better place by helping children in Ukraine. 

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The Crossfit Olympic training program offer optimal effects for improving performance

Every session includes, special warmup, Olympic lifting as well as auxiliary and technical exercises designed specifically with the goal in mind: 


The loads of WL4CF program are planned to inlay into standard weekly WOD periodization 5+2.

The training program offer optimal effects for improving performance-every session includes heavy lifting as well as technical exercises designed specifically with the goal in mind: 


The loads of WL4CF program are planned to inlay into standard weekly WOD periodization 5+2.



10+2 weeks / 3 days / 40-60 minutes.


New PR, Strength and Technique development.


Intermediate to Advanced.


Male & Female athletes.


Access to basic OLY equipment is suggested.

Pick your training program below with the Torokhtiy buyer's guide!


This is a 10-week program with three training days per week.

WL4CF is covered by a variety of different exercises including Olympic lifts and core work as well! 


The days' activities include warm-ups throughout all sessions; all exercises have video demonstrations on how moves should be performed properly.


✓ any fitness levels from intermediate to advanced;

✓athletes looking to build strength in the classic lifts;

Crossfit athlete who is interested in excelling at the barbell complex crossfit;

✓athletes who want to rest from the traditional crossfit and weightlifting workouts;

✓lifters who want to combine this program with  training like CrossFit.


10 weeks of weightlifting programming;

15 Warm Up Drill protocols;

76 exercise/movement videos;

2 BONUS (Competition + Maxout) weeks;

✓ Life-time access to the program;

✓ Easy to follow PDF with mobile-friendly format.

10 weeks of weightlifting programming;

15 Warm Up Drill protocols;

76 exercise/movement videos;

2 BONUS (Competition+Maxout) weeks;

✓ Life-time access to the program;

✓ Easy to follow PDF with mobile-friendly format.






WL4CF+Performance Nutrition

$59.00 $78.00

10-week training plan 

3 sessions

Workout Tutorial Videos

Nutrition program

#LifeTime Access





WL4CF+Performance Nutrition



10-week training plan

3 sessions

Workout Tutorial Videos

Nutrition program

#LifeTime Access

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What can you expect from adding weightlifting exercises to the Olympic lifting crossfit program?

First, you will see an increase in your overall strength and power. Additionally, you will be able to better target specific muscle groups with these barbell workouts crossfit exercises. Finally, you may also see a slight increase in your cardio endurance as well.

How to incorporate WL4CF program into your weekly WOD periodization?

If you have few types of training (Weightlifting, Metabolic, Gymnastics) we recommend planning weightlifting as a first block, but of course, it is up to you and depends on your personal goals.


What equipment do I need for the crossfit lifting program?

Who programs the workouts for WL4CF program?

Oleksiy Torokhtiy. He is a professional weightlifter and the author of the WL4CF program.

What exercises you will perform during the functional weight lifting program?

The program are filled with push jerks, hang power snatches, power snatches crossfit, squat cleans crossfit, push jerks crossfit, snatch crossfit.

What if I have more questions?



CrossFit has gained its popularity over the past 10 years and it is no surprise that the company has been able to get many people interested in Olympic weightlifting, as athletes and coaches now include Olympic weightlifting in their regular workout schedules. However, CrossFit has had the opportunity to help make Olympic weightlifting a pretty popular priority for many who are looking to get stronger in this area and have the opportunity to improve their athleticism. 

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

There are quite a few benefits of training with Olympic weights that can subsequently help many people of all ages become more athletic. Listed below are the main benefits of training with any Olympic weights. Progressive mobility is very important to winning.

1. Olympic winning involves a high degree of activity, and those who consistently incorporate these training regimens into their program achieve a great deal. Just as important is improving one's body. 

2. Performing active workouts that include full-body lifts can help improve your overall body, increasing athleticism and building strong muscles.

3. The midline strength required to perform Olympic-style exercises boggles anyone's mind. The snatch or jerk, as well as the pull-up and jerk for example, require a lot of body strength and to stay in position to work on technique.

Pros of Weightlifting CrossFit training

Performing full Olympic-type exercises will change your CrossFit training forever. One of the tools to popularize Olympic weightlifting has been CrossFit. And most importantly CrossFit uses Olympic lifts as a stimulus.

Certainly you could not only improve your strength performance, but you will also become stronger and most importantly much more athletic, subsequently becoming more qualified in lifting. Which will help you reach the heights.

Best Olympic Lifting Programs for CrossFit

The Torokhtiy’s Weightlifting for CrossFit program is a must for those who want to improve their results as much as possible in weightlifting and at the same time continue to train in CrossFit. This program has helped many athletes in many countries. 

The CrossFit and Weightlifting program scheme includes 10 weeks with 3 sessions per week. Each week guarantees you a productive training effect, a rational sequence of hard, technical and recovery exercises balanced in volume and intensity. The exercises and loads are chosen so that by the 10th week of training, it is possible to bring the athlete to the peak of his form.

Combining CrossFit and Weightlifting

Loads of CrossFit olympic weightlifting program are planned to inlay into standard weekly WOD periodization 5+2

Load type:

M - metabolic

G - gymnastic

W - weightlifting (means your training session from this program)

The end of the training cycle is a great time to assess your current condition.

If you're able, do a Snatch and C&J MAXOUT in different days! If you planned a competition – GOOD LUCK!

You can always download free sessions of the Weightlifting For CrossFit program and test it before purchase.

Improving the technique of lifting in insulation

Lack of technique affects any athlete. Almost all CrossFit experts argue that if a person has excellent technique during the training process, his or her workouts produce greater results. Technique is important in everything, and it is what will help you be the best in the sport.

Unfortunately, the same people who show inept lifting technique during regular repetitions in a state of exhaustion similarly cannot perform these lifts well in a condition in which they will not experience fatigue even during a single repetition. In these situations, intensity does not appear to be the cause of improved form - the culprit appears to be a lack of technical skill from the start, and this problem is only compounded by fatigue, which applies to weightlifting CrossFit workout.

If you feel that you need to improve your lifting technique you’d better start with our Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass. 

You need to improve your technique for isolation lifts. Only the right technique will allow the lifter to perform lifts much longer and more often, while also being less fatigued. It is important to note that this technique allows you to better exhibit great athletic qualities that you can't do without. In addition, it will keep you from getting nauseous.

Strength benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Program for CrossFit

Our WL4CF program was designed specifically with the goal in mind: GETTING STRONGER IN OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING! But there are other advantages too.

1. Make muscular endurance exercises easier. Just imagine how much easier it would be to perform a WOD if the prescribed weights were slightly lighter than your max. For example, a strength cleanse at 135 pounds would be a pretty easy process if you got to reps at 250 pounds in your workouts.

You will also find it a very helpful fact that increasing your strength in one movement has a good effect on your end results in others. If your 1RMs in squats goes up, your performance in the deadlift will go up as well. Likewise, improving your deadlift performance can certainly improve your power cleaning performance.

2. Strength training means you have the ability to lift heavier weights. Achieving new successes will elevate your credibility in the CrossFit community, and in competitions can be the weighty difference between winning and losing. 

3. Crossfit will be able to make you more trim every time you get fitter, but it's not very suitable for increasing muscle mass. There are some overly muscular CrossFitters out there, but there is some not unreasonable speculation that they add special strength training exercises to their hardening workouts.

If you want to build big muscles, CrossFit alone is not the best method of doing so; you need individualized barbell crossfit workout.