The Street Edition of the 2022 CrossFit Games: DAY 3

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The Street Edition of the 2022 CrossFit Games: DAY 3

For Friday all divisions were scheduled to take the competition floor including three events for individuals! 

You can watch the official leaderboard to see who made waves during this DAY.

The Capitol was the first Individual event to be announced by CrossFit HQ, on Aug. 1, 2022. Event Six wasn’t announced until Friday morning, just before the start of Event Five.

Individual Event 5: The Capitol

The event started with 20 pig flips, then a 3.5-mile walk/run followed by another 200 meters of Jerry Bag carrying and Husafell stages to reach the finish line atop Wisconsin's capitol building.

No Time Cap
All athletes had to complete the entire event, which means that everyone suffers. The Jerry bag is a beast. It's heavy, it takes up most of your space and you have to carry the whole thing with no help from anyone else!

The last-placed athlete, Rebecca Fuselier finished 21 minutes slower than Gabi Migala. This will likely cost them a lot in tomorrow's event!

Individual Event 6: Up and Over

The second event of the day was a chipper-style workout that included three rounds each with 12 ring muscle ups, 25 jump overs (including logs and high box jumps) plus 30 GHD sit-ups followed by an 84 foot axle bar lunge.

Panchik picked up the 100 points at 12:40 as Medeiros and Garard battled it out, with Pansckick grabbing his first event win of this week.

With a time of 11:58, Toomey scorched the top score from heat one. O’Brien took second with 3 points and stayed within five overall! Lawson was third followed by Adams who legged out Brandon at chopping blade against.

Individual Event 7: Echo Press

The final event of the day was a couplet featuring Echo Bike calories and handstand push-ups, but it's new version called "block deficit". Athletes had to wall walk onto Ballistic blocks and then dive below tape line on these surfaces in order perform their reps. The workout had 10 minute time cap for guys; 12 minutes if you're female!

Tim Paulson is a beast. The echo bike may have been his weakness, but he still managed to get on it and ride for 25 calories in 29 seconds.

The women’s division was not given an easy ride at this event, as many were unable to finish. Laura Horvath received “no rep" on countless moments and couldn't push-ups or even handstand push ups for that matter! Danielle Brandon also had a tough time with her HSPU attempt - but she got through it somehow.


There are some incredible athletes competing this year, and everyone's vying for that coveted spot on the podium.
Who will take the Fittest Title? Stay tuned because we're only halfway through!


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