INSANE Speed and Power Testing on DAY 2 at 2022 Crossfit Games

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INSANE Speed and Power Testing on DAY 2 at 2022 Crossfit Games

The second day of competition at the state track meet in Madison was just as exciting, if not more so than the first! There were some amazing performances by the TOP athletes.
Check out who made waves during this DAY below:

The shuttle runs of progressive distance and max reps on the jerk with different strict time limits made for an interesting EVENT TWO at this year’s CrossFit Games. The heavy rain from Wednesday forced organizers to push it onto day 2, but that only added more spice!

Tia-Clair Toomey, the five-time reigning Fittest Woman on Earth®, pulled off an impressive feat as she went from eighth place overall on day one to third by end of the second.

In the Individual Men’s portion, Ricky Garard maintained his first-place lead ahead of defending Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros. Jeffrey Adler threw himself into the mix near the top after scoring 100 points in the jerk portion.

Individual Event 2 “Shuttle to Overhead”

The event included 400 meters, 600m and 800 m sprints; then AMRAP shoulders to overhead presses at 300 pounds for men or 200lbs if female in two-minute, three-minute and four-minute blocks. There were 100 points available for the total run time and 100 for the AMRAP of max reps.

With speed and endurance in mind, Haley Adams claimed 100 points for the fastest cumulative time across all three shuttle runs. Toomey also righted her ship with 18 reps from the jerk portion after performing well there too which brought her back up to third overall rankings!

In the Individual Men’s portion of this year's competition, Ricky Garard maintained his first-place lead ahead of defending Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros.

Day two of the Individual Games opened up Adaptive division for competitors. After a full day’s worth games, here is how the leaderboard stands!

Upper Extremity — Women
  1. Camille Vigneault — 275 points
  2. Christina Mazzullo — 230 points
  3. Anne-Laure Coutenceau — 170 points
  4. Elizabeth Bride — 105 points
  5. Eileen Quinn — 85 points
Upper Extremity — Men
  1. Casey Acree — 300 points
  2. Josue Maldonado — 225 points
  3. Samuel Pera — 125 points
  4. Alexi Fiorucci — 105 points
  5. Xabier Osa Mendes — 85 points

Lower Extremity — Women

  1. Valerie Cohen — 300 points
  2. Amy Bream — 185 points
  3. Natalie Rovirosa — 165 points
  4. Molly Moore — 145 points
Lower Extremity — Men
  1. Charles Pienaar — 190 points
  2. Elliot Young — 190 points
  3. Rogan Dean — 185 points
  4. Ole Kristian Antonsen — 145 points
  5. Luke Reeson — 130 points
Neuromuscular — Women
  1. Morgan Johnson — 275 points
  2. Alyssa Kobela— 230 points
  3. Lauren Taylor — 145 points
  4. Letchen du Plessis— 105 points
  5. Leila Ives — 85 points

Neuromuscular — Men

  1. Brett Horchar — 275 points
  2. Jeremie Perera — 185 points
  3. Kevin Maijer — 150 points
  4. Benjamin Fallon — 145 points
  5. Bart Walsh — 85 points

The Crossfit Games 2022 are ending up fast, and the athletes are gearing up for another DAY full of events. Yesterday was all about speed and power, and today is no different.

There are some amazing athletes competing this year, and everyone is vying for a spot on the podium.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Games progress!

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