Cheering on The Crossfit Games Champs: How It's Done

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Cheering on The Crossfit Games Champs: How It's Done

The final day of the 2022 CrossFit Games opened ominously after a stormy night. But it didn’t stop action, as it was time to crown Fittest Man and Woman on Earth!

Individual Event 11: The Alpaca

“The Alpaca” featured a custom sled filled with kettlebells and challenged the remaining athletes who survived the cut (anyone in 30th place overall or better on their respective leaderboard) to prowler pushes and kettlebell clean & jerks.  

When the rain made it too difficult for participants to safely complete their rope climbs, CrossFit programming guru Adrian Bozman had a tough choice: cancel or modify. He ultimately decided on removing this movement for safety concerns.

Here are the full results:

Individual Women’s Results

  1. Laura Horvath — 6:46.96
  2. Dani Speegle — 7:25.72
  3. Karin Freyová — 7:57.17
  4. Ellie Turner — 8:00.90
  5. Gabriela Migała — 8:04.36
  6. Alexis Raptis — 8:06.83
  7. Emma McQuaid — 8:28.28
  8. Amanda Barnhart — 8:38.24
  9. Kara Saunders — 8:45.35
  10. Arielle Loewen — 8:49.08
Individual Men’s Results
  1. Roman Khrennikov — 6:23.92
  2. Sam Kwant — 6:39.88
  3. Pat Vellner — 6:41.12
  4. Guilherme Malheiros — 6:44.79
  5. Justin Medeiros — 6:46.48
  6. Jayson Hopper — 6:48.56
  7. Ricky Garard — 6:50.63
  8. Tim Paulson — 6:53.66
  9. Lazar Đukić — 6:58.07
  10. Jonne Koski — 7:01.54

Individual Event 12: Back Nine

The first of two workouts to end the 2022 CrossFits, broadcasted on CBS was called Back Nine and consisted of nine total reps of heavy yoke carries (665 pounds for the men, 485 pounds for the women), heavy front squats (315 pounds for men, 215 for the women) and heavy deadlifts (475 for men, 315 for women). 

The athletes tackled the heaviest yoke and the heaviest deadlift ever programmed in Games history.

A runner-up finish for Toomey in Back Nine had effectively locked her in as the overall winner, even with one event remaining. O’Brien was too far behind Toomey to contest the top overall spot, but too far ahead of the rest of the field that her silver-medal position could be threatened.

 Individual Women’s Results

  1. Laura Horvath — 1:13.11
  2. Tia-Clair Toomey — 1:16.08
  3. Brooke Wells — 1:21.87
  4. Amanda Barnhart — 1:24.37
  5. Gabriela Migała — 1:27.68
  6. Christine Kolenbrander — 1:33.39
  7. Alex Gazan — 1:33.64
  8. Dani Speegle — 1:44.62
  9. Kara Saunders — 2:05.83
  10. Emma McQuaid — 2:21.70
Individual Men’s Results
  1. Jeffrey Adler — 1:17.40
  2. Willy Georges — 1:29.25
  3. Justin Medeiros — 1:32.82
  4. Guilherme Malheiros — 1:39.43
  5. Samuel Kvant — 1:39.63
  6. Roman Khrennikov — 1:43.93
  7. Patrick Vellner — 1:45.72
  8. Jayson Hopper — 1:52.14
  9. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 1:52.77
  10. Travis Mayer — 1:56.50

Individual Event 13: Jackie Pro

The athletes worked through some CrossFit classics in the final event of this year’s Games; a 1,000-meter row and 50 thrusters were among them.

The winds were especially strong today, but that didn't stop any of the competitive sailors from finishing with a win. The final event saw Lucy Campbell take home victory while Kara Saunders and Mal O'Brien followed close behind in second place; Lazar Dukic also proved he's no slouch by beating out Khrennikov after an intense battle.

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games Winners

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin have come to an end — and once again it was Justin Medeiros who took home the Fittest Title. Justin became just the third man ever with back-to finish the CrossFit games! Australian athlete Tia Toomey also went undefeated throughout competition; she now holds world records for six consecutive wins at this event alone - making her undoubtedly one of history's greatest female competitors ever! 

“Believe in yourself,” Toomey advised aspiring athletes. “I think it’s just shown this weekend that if you believe in yourself, anything’s possible.”

Stellar performances across all three of the day’s events catapulted Horvath into third place on the overall podium, behind Toomey and second-place finisher Mal O’Brien. Check out the full results from Day Five.

Congratulations to Justin and Tia on their amazing accomplishments at the CrossFit Games! We are so proud of all the athletes who competed, and we can’t wait to see what comes next in the world of CrossFit. Thank you for following along with us as we covered this year’s competition.


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