Arnold Classic Europe 2022: Highlights

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Arnold Classic Europe 2022: Highlights

The Arnold Classic Europe sports festival is one of the biggest multi-sport competitions in the world. Every year, the top athletes come to prove they are the best. This year's edition was no different, with athletes from all over Europe converging on Seville to compete last weekend (September 16-18). 

Definitely the main event of the Arnold Classic Europe is bodybuilding competition. The prize money for the Arnold Classic Europe is $90 000 dollars.

In addition to the prize money, the winner of the Arnold Classic Europe will also receive a one-year sponsorship contract with worth $250,000. This is truly a life-changing amount of money for any athlete! 


European Strongman Championship also was a part of this huge festival.

Arnold Classic Europe 2022

The strongman contest consisted from 3 different events: female and male European Championship, Truck championship and Stone challenge. Total amount of athletes was 69 from 15 European countries.

The Chief referees of this event was two true legends:

      4 x World Strongest Man – Magnus Ver Magnusson from Iceland

      2 x World Strongest Man – Vasyil Virastyk form Ukraine

Magnus Ver Magnusson
Vasyil Virastyk

Warm Body Cold Mind proudly supported and sponsored this event by providing the best competition gear to all strongman and strongwoman athletes.

The European Strongman Championship lasted for 2 days and included 5 exercises in female and male division:

Female competition program:

Super Yoke for 20 m

Axle Press for reps

Farmers walk for 40 m

Dumbbell press for reps

Axle Deadlift for reps

Female Competition

60 kg weight class

🥇 Josefine Adele Liverød 🇳🇴

🥈 Lina Linkaitė 🇱🇹  

🥉 Ellie Carroll 🇬🇧


Female Tournament

75 kg weight class

🥇 Mollie Wagstaff 🇬🇧  

🥈 Schramme Sina 🇩🇪

🥉 Julie Rupp 🇩🇪

Female Championship

75+ kg weight class

🥇 Laura Thorngaard 🇩🇰  

🥈 Anja Schuffner 🇩🇪

🥉 Angeline Berva 🇫🇷


Female Weightlifting

Male competition program:


Super Yoke for 20 m

Log lift for reps

Farmers walk for 40 m

Dumbbell press for reps

Tire flip for reps

Strongmen Competition

80 kg weight class  

🥇 Jhosh Lancaster 🇬🇧

🥈 Andy Smiles 🇬🇧

🥉 Mads Even Bjorheim 🇳🇴


Strongman Championship

95 kg weight class   

🥇 Tomáš Osička 🇨🇿

🥈 Stefan Schüßler 🇩🇪

🥉  Filip Zajíček 🇨🇿

Weightlifting Championship

110 kg weight class    

🥇 Vitaly Gerasymov 🇺🇦

🥈 Yurii Ohonovskyi 🇺🇦

🥉 Jiri Tkadlcik 🇨🇿


Arnold 2022 Prize

110+ kg weight class    

🥇 Håkon Kollerød 🇳🇴

🥈 Aydin Humbatov 🇦🇿

🥉 Cyril Boujuau 🇫🇷


Congratulation to Ukrainian Strongman team with winning team medal score:

 Score Table 2022

Day 3 was only male competition in absolute weight class:


TRUCK CHAMPIONSHIP competition program consisted of 3 events:

Truck push

Arm over arm

Truck pull



The weight of the truck machine was 8500 kg.

Here is a list of medal winners:

🥇 Nicat Huseynov 🇦🇿

🥈 Oleksandr Lashyn 🇺🇦

🥉 Serhii Konyushok 🇺🇦


STONE CHALLENGE competition program consisted of 3 events:

Man hood stone

Stone on the shoulder

Atlas stone



Here is a list of medal winners:

🥇 Denys Dubrovsky 🇺🇦

🥈 Aydin Humbatov 🇦🇿  

🥉 Mikkel Hansen 🇩🇰

Prizing 2022

We are proud to say that the main organizer of European Strongman Championship was World Strongman Federation and Federation of Strongman of Ukraine. Despite all difficulties related to the war in Ukraine, competition crew did great job and it was mention by IFBB president Rafael Santoja and Arnold Classic Europe director Nieves Lopez.

Championship Team

See you the next year and #warmbodycoldmind

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